Guizhou diaotaigong Liquor Co., Ltd. acquired 100% equity of Gujiao Liquor Co., Ltd

&Beijing business daily (reporter Zhao Fengrui) on March 5, a reporter from Beijing business daily learned from southwest United Property Exchange that Guizhou diaotaigong Liquor Co., Ltd. won 100% equity and debt of Gujiao Liquor Co., Ltd. with 175 million yuan.

The cellar wine industry was established in April 1993, and is located in Maotai Town, Renhuai, Guizhou. It mainly produces Maotai baijiu. It is understood that the ancient cellar liquor industry is mainly invested by the SASAC in Sichuan. According to the data, in 2011, Sichuan Furun restructuring Investment Co., Ltd., an enterprise directly under the SASAC of Sichuan Province, discovered the investment value and potential market value of sauce wine. After a one-year investigation, it entered Gujiao wine industry around 2012.

But in the boom of Maotai flavor, Gujiao liquor industry has been insolvent. According to statistics, in 2020, the total assets of Gujiao liquor industry will be 84.5959 million yuan, the total liabilities will be 94.0824 million yuan, and the net assets will be – 9.4865 million yuan. Among the listing price of 110 million yuan, there are 69.97 million yuan of creditor’s rights in addition to 41.8693 million yuan of equity price. After receiving, the transferee shall repay the debt of 2.64 million yuan within 5 working days.

For this acquisition, the relevant person in charge of Guizhou diaotaigong Liquor Co., Ltd. said that diaotaigong is optimistic about the development of sauce liquor industry. Meanwhile, Gujiao liquor industry has all the functions of production, storage and packaging. The management is relatively standardized, and there is no need to adjust too much after taking over. Gujiao liquor industry will be built into a boutique winery in the future. As for the brand, Gujiao liquor industry or diaotai gongjiu is still under study.

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