Rtx3060 with Quad Core i7 ASUS Tianxuan air actually reduced price

At present, the price of rtx30 series notebook is generally rising, but individual models are exceptions. For example, ASUS Tianxuan air.

RTX3060配四核i7 华硕天选air居然降价了

On April 9, ASUS Tianxuan air’s rtx3060 model will drop by 200 yuan, with a price of 8699 yuan. The processor of this model is i7-11370h, a i7 with four cores and eight threads. Maybe many players will think that the Quad Core i7 is not good enough. In fact, although the i7-11370h has only four cores, it has high frequency and performs very well in many games.

Another highlight of ASUS Tianxuan air notebook is the 2K, 165hz high gamut display, with excellent image quality.

There is stock, do not grab, but also price! Generally speaking, it’s worthwhile to spend 8699 yuan on ASUS Tianxuan air!

Author: Zhang Fan



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