Flyme9 video editing upgrade adds multiple filters and clipping frames

On April 9, Meizu flyme officially announced that flyme9 video editing has been upgraded to create a sense of blockbuster easily. Add a variety of filter and clipping frame settings.

Flyme9视频编辑升级 新增多种滤镜和裁剪画幅

It is understood that the upgraded flyme9 video editing function makes editing easier.

Editing function

The length of the video can be cut easily. Drag the beginning and end of the video to clip, and keep the wonderful clips you want to leave.

frame advance

Drag the progress bar to play frame by frame, and the video can be fed back to help you make fine editing.

Add Filter

With a variety of classic filters, such as black and white, film and starry night, support filter import, add more texture to the video.

Cut out a picture

Support a variety of frame scale and custom clipping, provide frame correction function, and define video frame as you like.

Color adjustment

Support to adjust video brightness, contrast, color temperature and saturation and other parameters, the picture tone is controlled by you.

Add music

In addition to the system’s own music, it supports the selection of local music.

Flyme9视频编辑升级 新增多种滤镜和裁剪画幅

Author: Liu mingpeng



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