Amazon cloud technology and Accenture help Chinese enterprises digitalize

Only 17% of the Fortune 500 companies 50 years ago are still on the list. Only 50% of the Fortune 500 companies 20 years ago are still on the list. Enterprises are always facing all kinds of shocks and challenges.

How can enterprises survive in such a complex and changeable environment for a long time?

On March 25, Zhang Wenyi, Amazon’s global vice president and executive director of Amazon cloud technology in Greater China, said to the media: “we believe that the only way is to maintain an innovative attitude and constantly reshape the business.”

Jia Jin, President of operation and delivery of enterprise technology innovation division of Accenture Greater China, who attended the meeting, said that we cooperated with Amazon cloud technology to help customers plan and go to the cloud, help customers make full use of the cloud, help customers operate their actual systems, and finally reshape and innovate their businesses.

On the same day, Amazon cloud technology officially released its China business strategy of “three carriages, go hand in hand” for the first time, focusing on building its “three carriages” of China business, including allowing Chinese customers in China to enjoy the world’s leading cloud technology and services to better develop their local business, and overseas global customers to maintain the global IT architecture and experience by using China And Chinese customers go out to the world through Amazon cloud technology’s global infrastructure and services.

These three carriages integrate, cooperate and promote each other, and provide all-round services for business remodeling and digital innovation of domestic and foreign enterprises. Amazon cloud technology cooperates with ecological partners to implement this strategy.

Zhang Wenyi: Remolding is re: Invest

How to reshape the business?

Zhang Wenyi, global vice president of Amazon and executive director of Amazon cloud technology in Greater China

Zhang Wenyi said that remodeling is re: invest. Based on Amazon’s experience in serving global customers, we have observed three trends:

First, the epidemic has indeed promoted the reshaping of the entire enterprise. Enterprises are also actively embracing the cloud, making use of the advantages of cloud’s agility, flexibility and cost saving to quickly respond to external changes and improve their costs.

In this new normal, the cloud is no longer icing on the cake, but has become the key to the survival of enterprises.

Second, more and more enterprises innovate directly in the cloud. In addition to making data serve the daily operation, it also promotes some innovative user experience, which also accelerates the digitalization and intellectualization of enterprise business.

Third, enterprises are accelerating the global business layout. Whether Chinese enterprises are expanding overseas or multinational companies are developing business in China, they are using Amazon’s cloud, especially with a unified technical architecture, to quickly land their business.

As the creator and leader of global cloud computing, Amazon cloud technology’s vision in China is to use its inherent innovative spirit to enable customers to reshape, accelerate customers’ global business expansion, and strengthen local cloud talent training, so as to promote the transformation of the whole industry, help the development of digital economy, and benefit the whole society.

Zhang Wenyi believes that Amazon cloud technology currently has five advantages:

Extensive and in-depth cloud services provide more than 200 full-featured services, covering all aspects of customer applications. In Gartner’s “magic quadrant of cloud infrastructure and platform services” report released in September 2020, Amazon cloud technology has been rated as the leader for the tenth consecutive year.

Mature and rich global customer practice, with millions of active users in the world, coming from various scales and industries.

Covering the global infrastructure, there are 25 geographical regions and 80 zones in the world, serving customers in 245 countries. It can be said that Amazon’s cloud is everywhere.

Amazon cloud technology has the concept and practice of leading the industry in terms of security and compliance. It can provide customers with a flexible and secure cloud computing environment, and even meet the needs of organizations with high regulatory requirements such as banks.

Amazon cloud technology has a booming partner in the world, tens of thousands of partners provide customers with a variety of technical tools, as well as customized solutions.

The “troika” of Amazon cloud technology helps Chinese customers to deeply cultivate their local business, helps overseas global customers to take root in the Chinese market, and helps Chinese customers go out to the world.

Jia Jin: help enterprises walk from cloud to cloud

As one of many ecological partners of Amazon cloud technology, Accenture has cooperated with Amazon cloud technology for more than 13 years. Among the more than 500000 employees of Accenture worldwide, nearly 15000 employees have obtained the certification of Amazon cloud technology, and have been engaged in Amazon cloud technology services for many years, providing solutions for customers together with Amazon cloud technology.

Jia Jin said that Amazon cloud technology and ecological partners respect and trust each other, empower partners, and jointly build vertical industry solutions.

Through the cooperation with Amazon cloud technology, Accenture has trained a large number of technical personnel. At the same time, Accenture has basically completed the work of cloud transformation, and more than 95% of its IT systems and businesses are running on the cloud.

Accenture has more than 530000 employees around the world, serving customers in more than 120 countries around the world, and providing customers with comprehensive professional services.

Jia Jin said that in terms of cloud services, a few years ago we called it J2C (journey to cloud), which helps and guides enterprises to go to the cloud and can reduce operating costs.

Now we are talking about journey in cloud, because most enterprises are already in the cloud. How to make full use of the characteristics of the cloud is called walk in the cloud.

Accenture has also set up a cloud first department to bring together teams that were originally scattered in various places. Now the cloud priority team has nearly 70000 employees, and 65% of Accenture’s revenue comes from digital technology, cloud and security related services.

Jia Jin believes that the cloud itself can bring benefits in addition to the most simple fast response, rapid expansion, stability, security and other basic cloud functions, the biggest advantage is that it can support enterprise innovation, take advantage of the convenience of cloud technology, develop artificial intelligence, machine learning, edge computing and other applications, and generate more new business models.

In addition, Amazon cloud technology also announced that the Amazon cloud technology (Ningxia) region operated by Western cloud data will be expanded in phase II, and it is estimated that the area of new plant facilities and the computing capacity that can be supported will reach 1.3 times of phase I. Amazon cloud technology (Beijing), which is operated by halo new network, will officially release the third zone in late 2021 to bring customers more flexible, reliable and more available infrastructure services.

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