May day self driving relay Qingming Dafang car rental booking channel opened first

During this year’s Qingming Festival holiday, affected by last year’s epidemic isolation and the Spring Festival on the spot, people’s overstocked enthusiasm for traveling was finally released in the three-day long holiday, creating 102 million domestic tourists, and the familiar scene of “people following the crowd” in popular scenic spots is back. Although Qingming holiday has just ended, many friends began to plan the next May day trip. In addition, this year’s May Day holiday has opened a “five-day” fun mode. This year’s May Day holiday is likely to start a cross province tour boom on the basis of relay Qingming short distance self driving tour. In order to ensure smooth travel, Dafang car rental, a well-known sharing car chain brand in China, opened the May 1st car rental booking channel nearly a month in advance on April 6 according to the big data of holiday travel and the experience of coping with peak travel for many years, providing consumers with more convenient and free travel choices.

Xiaobian visited a number of stores in Dafang, Wuhan, and found that in March and April of each year, the spring tourism market is greatly warmed up. Driven by the Qingming Festival before and the May day after, the rental rate of rentable vehicles in the stores in recent years is more than twice as high as usual. During the Qingming and May Day holidays, it is even more difficult to get a car. Coupled with the rise and popularity of landing rent mode and the enhancement of safe travel awareness, car rental and self driving travel has become a popular choice for Chinese tourists. Dafang car rental staff said that in order to meet the continuous holidays in recent years, Dafang car rental platform has opened the car rental booking channel for May Day holiday at the same time, and also launched car rental discount and free car use activities.

On the May day self driving activity page displayed on Dafang’s official car rental website, if you book your car during the May Day holiday, you can enjoy a discount of 20 yuan less for one day, 100 yuan less for three days and 180 yuan less for five days. The discount intensity and cycle are very suitable for the May Day holiday. In addition, this year’s May Day holiday also launched a special may day car settlement order, that is, two days of free car service. After returning the car, the system will automatically issue two free car coupons to the tenant’s friend account, which is very suitable for friends who like to drive. Dafang car rental staff said that although the May day car rental booking channel has just opened, many regular customers have already reserved their cars in advance, and many of them have just finished their Qingming self driving trip. “It is mainly our long-term attention to our public rental car official account, Alipay life number, or friends who download the generous rental car APP. They often receive preferential information for the first time, and have more choice in vehicle selection, so the best friend of the holiday plan is to plan ahead and make reservations early.” Dafang car rental store staff reminded.

As a well-known shared car rental chain brand in China, Dafang car rental has always been adhering to the service concept of “user first”, dedicated to providing convenient and economical travel services to meet the travel needs of different users. At present, Dafang car rental has established 1100 + offline stores and 17000 + service outlets in more than 300 cities across the country, which can fully link major transportation hubs and popular tourist cities across the country. No matter what kind of transportation you use, you can easily transfer and use Dafang car rental vehicles. Dafang’s car rental mainly comes from the idle vehicles shared by the owners. The car condition is better and the models are richer, so the shared cars are more casual and better than the traditional ones. Not only that, generous car rental in 2017 reached the earliest strategic cooperation with Alipay, the first to launch a double deposit exemption, which is the first 0 car rental brand in China. The customers with sesame score of 550 or more will have the opportunity to enjoy the double rent free service of car rental deposit and illegal deposit. At the same time, provide customers with a variety of security services including road rescue, and strive to provide users with safe travel. For service guarantee, let the user friends easy to travel all the way. Let the tenants enjoy comfortable, money saving and safe self driving experience.

Finally, the person in charge of Dafang car rental specially reminded that this year’s May Day holiday has been extended for an additional two days, and the tourism market will be further expanded on the basis of Qingming Festival travel. Therefore, friends who need to use cars for travel must make arrangements early and place orders in advance. You can download the “generous car rental APP”, or search for the “generous car rental” applet on Alipay and WeChat pages, then you can enter the 51 may car rental channel to book vehicles. Dafang car rental will not only bring you a professional car rental platform, but also strengthen and improve the self driving car rental service, so as to escort the five-day happy journey of the majority of tenants.



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