Focus on “change and rebirth” 2021 art trend summit upgraded again

On April 8, “2021 art trend summit – the fifth art market value list” was unveiled in the Chang’an release Hall of news building. Along the way, the art market value list has gradually grown into an influential activity platform in the domestic art field, and gradually extended from the initial auction format to the whole chain of the art market, with the influence and brand value expanding. This year is the fifth year of the art trend summit. Together with CCTV host and painter Dong Hao, we jointly launched the “You Hua Hao said” integrated media project. In the future, there will be more integrated media projects than the four product lines of authoritative data, heavyweight list, Summit Forum and art exhibition.

聚焦“变局与重生” 2021艺势峰会再次升级

Peng Yu, President and chief editor of Beijing business daily, the organizer of the event, pointed out in his speech that this summit is the first event hosted by Beijing business daily in 2021, which is of special significance. “The theme of the activity is” change and rebirth. “. In 2020, the art collection market is facing severe challenges. We have observed all kinds of changes in the industry, which are driving profound changes in the industry. At the same time, it is precisely because there are many excellent practitioners in the industry that we have the foundation for rebirth and can take the lead in achieving rebirth in all fields. ” Peng Yu said.

In his speech, Zhang Bo, director of the China cultural relics protection foundation and former deputy director of the State Administration of cultural relics, proposed that the cultural relics and art industry should seek change and innovation while remaining unchanged: “the programmatic documents and directional regulations of the cultural relics and art market can not be changed. Innovation and activation on this basis will lead to a broad new road.” At the same time, Zhang Bai said, “cultural relics and works of art have three values. We should take a comprehensive view of their historical value, artistic value and scientific value. In order to realize the overall prosperity of the art market, we should recognize its value as the foundation. “

Theme round table dialogue: “Art + trend” & amp; “Art + digital currency”

Gan Xuejun, President of Beijing auction industry association: higher requirements for online operation

“It’s a hot topic we’ve been discussing in recent years. Various subjective and objective factors of industry transformation, society and market are changing, and the epidemic situation last year accelerated this process. From the perspective of Beijing’s auction industry, no matter in terms of promotion or operation concept mode, there is no auction company that only works offline. Online needs new ideas and new practices. “

Famous collector Zhu Shaoliang: digital art market is inevitable

“Online auction, art fusion blockchain and other new things are the inevitable trend of market development. It is becoming a reality to divide an artist’s or a work’s share with digital mode and push it to the market so that buyers can subscribe. Auction and blockchain technology also have many new growth points. The new online model also needs to solve technical problems and strengthen supervision. “

Wang Duan, vice president of Huayi art and director of Song Art Museum: “cloud” aesthetic education has a bright future

“Fashion art is actually the content that young people pay attention to and love. It is expected that more young people will go into fashion art and art museums, and accept the concept of art and art. I believe that these people will also become high-quality customers of auction companies. “

Li Chunlin, executive director of rongbaozhai online: digital assets will become a new market for time honored brands

“The joint activities and trend creation of rongbaozhai and Xicha have achieved more than 100 million yuan in the network platform. It is obvious that the development of the Internet has transformed the art market from an alternative to a necessary one. Besides selling works, we may have a bigger market for digital assets. “

Xie Xiaodong, founder of Zaiyi Technology & cloud culture: we should break the myth of traffic

“I don’t think many institutions, especially the auction industry, need too much traffic. Through brand operation, whether online or offline, customers who repeatedly reach the private domain will have more opportunities to realize the rapid growth of webcam business. “

Beijing Business Daily reporter Hu Xiaoyu

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