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With a series of new special measures to relax market access, Hainan is ushering in the development of cultural tourism integration. On April 8, the opinions on some special measures to support the construction of Hainan free trade port and relax market access (hereinafter referred to as the opinions) were officially released. The 22 special measures have injected new impetus into Hainan free trade port to accelerate the cultivation of international comparative advantage industries. In particular, the five initiatives in the field of culture and tourism not only put forward the exploration of delegating the approval power of domestic online game pilot to Hainan, but also pointed out to encourage the development of cultural and performing arts industry, optimize the access environment, and carry out innovative development pilot of rural tourism and leisure agriculture. This will not only attract more resources and talents to Hainan, but also accelerate the landing of related industries, making Hainan obtain new development opportunities.

游戏演艺获支撑 海南文旅融合迎新动能

Relaxing market access

According to the opinions, there are four special measures to promote the relaxation of access and prosperity in the cultural field, covering games, performing arts, culture and Museum and other fields.

Specifically, in cultural one, “one belt, one road” and the world’s high-quality cultural performing arts industry, including performances, creative, capital, technology and other resources, are gathered in Hainan, and the technology is applied to promote industrial development. The new technologies such as 5G, VR and AR are applied in planning, land use, sea use, energy consumption, finance and people. At the same time, we should optimize the approval of commercial performances, innovate the way of supervision during and after the event, give full play to the role of the performance industry association, and improve the level of self-discipline of the industry.

Meanwhile, the “one belt, one road” international cultural and art exchange center has also made clear the support for the construction of Hainan international cultural and art exchange center, providing an open, professional, convenient and efficient international trading platform for the “one belt” all along the excellent works of art and the relevant cultural relics protection laws and regulations.

In the field of games and cultural relics, the “opinions” pointed out that it is necessary to decentralize the examination and approval power of domestic online games pilot to Hainan, and support the development of online game industry in Hainan; at the same time, it is necessary to relax the access of cultural relics industry, implement notification and commitment management for the examination and approval of the establishment of cultural relics stores in Hainan, and support the establishment of market-oriented cultural relics restoration, protection and identification research institutions.

In addition to promoting the relaxation of access in the cultural field, at the tourism level, the “opinions” focuses on rural tourism, and proposes in Article 22 “optimizing the access environment to carry out innovative development pilot of rural tourism and leisure agriculture”.

According to the opinions, some areas of Hainan Province will be selected to share and apply the rural real estate registration data, carry out the pilot of rural tourism market access in the city or county, adhere to the collective ownership of rural land by farmers, establish the rural tourism asset operation company in accordance with the principle of Marketization, and support the long-term leasing of assets suitable for rural tourism business such as B & B and farmhouse In order to improve the quality of rural tourism, we should cooperate with the operating companies, pay attention to the interaction, coordination and supporting development with the surrounding industries and rural construction, and unify the service quality standards of farmhouse and B & B.

Promote resource convergence

The reporter from Beijing business daily noted that among the cultural and tourism related industries mentioned in the opinions, in addition to tourism, which has become one of the four 100 billion level industries in Hainan, many other industries have also been listed as the key development areas in Hainan, and have been planning to promote for many years.

Taking games as an example, in the past three years, Hainan has not only provided a better business environment for the game industry through the construction of Hainan Ecological Software Park, promoted it to become a gathering place of the game industry, but also issued a number of policies such as “six articles on the sea” to promote the development of emerging industries such as e-sports, and promoted the construction of Hainan International E-sports port. Not only the e-sports enterprises here can obtain “zero tariff, low tax rate, high-quality service” With the support of “simple tax system” and other policies, the actual personal income tax burden of E-sports talents exceeding 15% will also be exempted.

This “opinion” promotes the further development of Hainan’s game industry, especially the exploration of delegating the approval power of domestic online game pilot to Hainan, which has aroused the attention of the outside world.

“The key to the development of the game industry is not only the support of business environment and policies, but also the continuous output of high-quality products recognized by the market, that is, the upstream content end. At present, the game products also need to complete the approval and other related processes, and wait in line to get the version number before they can really go online.” Zhao Yong, an analyst of the game industry, said that if the approval power of domestic online game pilot is delegated to Hainan, game companies and their products will be attracted to Hainan, in order to enjoy a more convenient approval process, thus driving the gathering of industrial resources and talents.

Not only in the field of games, Hainan has gradually become a gathering place of various performing arts resources in recent years. Performances, including large-scale concerts and new year’s Eve parties, have landed in Hainan one after another. Classic drama tours often set Hainan as one of their stops. China Oriental Performing Arts Group Co., Ltd. and other troupes and performers have also reached agreements with Hainan on the establishment of bases and the introduction of performing arts products Strategic cooperation.

According to Li Xinyu, an analyst in the performance industry, Hainan itself has a strong tourism and leisure color, behind which consumers have a lot of leisure time and consumption power of cultural and entertainment products, which is also suitable for the landing and development of performing arts and other formats, and realizes the combination of performing arts and tourism and other formats to create greater market potential. The opinions specially mentioned the use of new technologies, which is also the development trend of the performing arts market and the field that practitioners have explored. By accelerating the layout in this field, Hainan can promote the emergence of new performance models and stimulate imagination.

Culture and tourism drive more industries

There is no doubt that “opinions” can radiate greater development momentum by promoting the development of culture and tourism industry. It is worth noting that this can not only promote the culture and tourism industry, but also bring benefits to other related industries.

In the view of industry insiders, the culture and tourism industry is often able to link with other service-oriented industries to create a larger market. Li Jie, researcher of digital cultural and creative industry think tank, believes that “if combined with hotels, there will be movie themed hotels, E-sports themed hotels, and restaurants can also set up co branded products or theme activities. After a large number of resources are gathered, industrial upgrading in various fields will be further realized. “.

It is worth mentioning that in terms of personnel training, the Opinions also put forward supporting policies for Hainan, including encouraging university researchers to start businesses, take part-time jobs and carry out scientific research achievements transformation in Hainan in accordance with relevant national regulations; supporting domestic well-known universities to establish international colleges in Hainan; encouraging Hainan to vigorously develop vocational education and improve vocational education and training system, etc. At this stage, around the “opinions”, Hainan Province and relevant competent departments have also begun to take action to promote the follow-up work.

According to Jiang Yi, deputy director of the Department of structural reform of the national development and Reform Commission, after the opinions are printed and implemented, they will be implemented by Hainan Province together with various departments and units. Hainan Province, as the main body of implementation, should establish a high-level work coordination mechanism and do a solid job in the implementation of each measure. All leading and participating departments fully cooperate according to the division of responsibilities, and give Hainan Province relevant authorization and supporting. The national development and Reform Commission will strengthen coordination with the Ministry of Commerce and other relevant departments, strengthen supervision and inspection, and ensure that the opinions are implemented and effective in accordance with the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Zheng Rui

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