How can the digital supermarket and privacy be integrated

Supermarkets with a large number of people are also exploring the digital era of paperless. On March 7, a reporter from Beijing Business Daily found that chaoshifa gradually implemented digital ticketing in some stores. The original long shopping list was replaced by a two-dimensional code, and consumers need to scan the code to check the goods. Since the implementation of digital ticketing in February, there have been different voices among consumers. Some people think it is convenient and fast, while others say it is troublesome and even afraid of divulging personal information. These different voices are just one of the difficulties encountered in the implementation of supermarket digitization, just like the obstacles faced in the implementation of unattended settlement in those years. Based on this, how to reach a consensus on digital and manual collaboration, supermarkets have to consider carefully, the journey has just begun. It’s troublesome, but it’s imperative.

看小票要扫码 超市数字化与隐私如何两全

Print paper reduced by 2 / 3

The Long supermarket shopping list is replaced by the QR code, and the shopping details are hidden in the QR code. Beijing Business Daily reporter found that chaoshifa Xueyuan Road store is carrying out the pilot operation of digital small ticket. Through the deployment of paper and electricity payment printer, the store replaces the traditional paper small ticket with digital small ticket to guide consumers’ green consumption.

Beijing Business Daily reporter came to chaoshifa Xueyuan Road store and saw that a publicity stand with digital tickets was placed at the entrance of the supermarket and the cashier. After consumers finished shopping, the previous shopping list was gradually replaced by a paper QR code. When the reporter asked the cashier for a shopping ticket, the cashier told the reporter that he could check the shopping details by scanning the QR code, but did not provide a paper ticket.

As for the reasons for the implementation of digital coupons, chaoshifa said that the digital coupons are environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and the transaction receipts are easy to view and keep for a long time, so as to effectively improve customers’ consumption experience. At the same time, the interactive design and application based on intelligent customer display screen can also provide timely and efficient service for consumers before, during and after sales.

According to the introduction, at present, the digital small ticket is only in the trial operation of chaoshifa Xueyuan Road store, which belongs to the experimental stage. At present, the digital small ticket service pilot is online for one week, and the consumption of small ticket printing paper at each cashier is reduced by 2 / 3 on average. However, how to promote the follow-up has not been disclosed.

Personal information concerns

As a matter of fact, although the original intention of the digital coupons launched by supermarket is to make it easy to view and save while protecting the environment and saving energy, and to improve the consumer experience, there are different voices from consumers. Consumers, mainly the elderly, complain that they are too troublesome to use. For customers who are inconvenient to get digital tickets, chaoshifa explained that the paper electronic payment printer also supports one click printing of paper tickets. At the same time, the device display screen on the cash register can publicize the trading goods and prices to consumers in the process of cash collection.

In addition, some young and middle-aged consumers think that the process is cumbersome, and they need to input personal information such as mobile phone number and name when extracting the shopping list, which also makes people worry about information security.

Ms. Yu, a consumer who has just finished shopping at Xueyuan Road store of chaoshifa, told Beijing Business Daily that she is still willing to ask for paper tickets. After printing, it is clear what she has bought. But the electronic small ticket is more complicated, and worried about personal information leakage. “Now this (digital ticket) is more troublesome. I have to scan the QR code to know what I have bought after I have finished shopping. It’s not as convenient as before. But also to be access to mobile phone number, wechat and other information, if you do not have to read, simply do not read Ms. Yu said.

Beijing Business Daily reporter scanned the two-dimensional code provided by chaoshifa according to the operation guidelines. After scanning the code, a pop-up prompt appeared: “in order to ensure that the digital ticket belongs to your name, please allow the small program to obtain your mobile phone number.” After clicking OK, you can see the shopping time, details, amount, return voucher, serial number and other information.

In fact, many consumers have the same idea as Ms. Yu since the implementation of the digital ticket in February. Not long ago, Ms. Xu, a citizen, reported this problem to “ask Beijing” on the ground that the digital ticket brought inconvenience to herself and the elderly.

At that time, supermarket said that the supermarket implemented e-ticket based on the phenomenon that many customers discarded the paper ticket after they got it, which not only saved costs, but also had long-term effect and did not have to worry about losing it. And in view of the related question has made the adjustment.

It is worth noting that the reporter of Beijing Business Daily also found the QR code of the digital ticket discarded by the consumer outside the store on Xueyuan Road of chaoshifa. After scanning the QR code, the consumer’s shopping information can be viewed. This means that if consumers do not scan the QR code to query the shopping information, they will throw away the ticket, and other people who get the ticket can also view the relevant information. As for whether the digital ticket will leak personal information security and other related issues, the reporter interviewed the supermarket, but the other side did not reply.

Exploring the balance behind digitization

With the implementation of digital ticketing, enterprises and consumers need to spend time communicating and getting familiar with each other. According to Chen Liping, Professor of Capital University of economics and trade, in the process of digitalization of supermarket enterprises, many consumers have concerns about the development of digitalization. On the one hand, the elderly are unfamiliar with the current technical operation, on the other hand, they are worried about the leakage of personal information. When enterprises implement these new models, they should give consumers full choice.

“Businesses should not just think from their own perspective. But the core of the retail industry is people, which means that when the retail industry considers problems, it must stand in the position of consumers. ” Chen Liping said.

It is undeniable that the digital transformation of the retail industry is obvious to all. Especially after the outbreak of the epidemic, digital transformation has become a “compulsory course” for supermarkets, which goes deep into every link of supermarkets. From the front-end payment and electronic price tag to the back-end supply chain management and development, even the shopping cart has been “armed” by digitization.

Chen Liping believes that the core of the retail industry is still goods and services, and digitalization is only a tool for the retail industry to reduce costs and increase efficiency through scientific and technological means. But we can’t do something that doesn’t benefit consumers under the guise of digital transformation.

Previously, the shopping cart of Wumart supermarket changed from “one yuan coin unlocking” to “multi-point app” code scanning unlocking, which makes it difficult for the elderly, the main user group of Wumart supermarket, to prepare for the shopping process.

What we can see is that supermarkets have to think carefully about how to reach a consensus on digital and manual collaboration, and the journey has just begun. In the process of digital supermarket exploration, scale, speed and acceptance need to be stimulated and compromised by the market, enterprises and consumers to achieve a balance. In the process of digital exploration, there are bound to be some contradictions, just as there were many obstacles when no settlement was implemented.

Zhao Chi, Beijing Business Daily

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