Neusoft cloud technology introduces alicloud lindorm database and reduces data storage cost of Internet of vehicles by 80%

On April 9, the reporter learned that the Internet of vehicles cloud platform launched by Neusoft cloud technology, a subsidiary of Neusoft group, has served many auto companies such as Neusoft Ruichi, Jiangling Motor, Great Wall Motor, etc. According to the introduction, the cloud platform for Internet of vehicles is developed based on the original multi-mode database lindorm of alicloud, which can realize the intelligent operation and analysis of massive data of Internet of vehicles, and reduce the cost of data storage by 80%.

With the continuous enrichment of innovation scenarios and related businesses of intelligent connected vehicles, the amount of data generated by vehicles is increasing rapidly, and the types and structures of data are diversified, which puts forward technical challenges to the operation and maintenance of the Internet of vehicles platform, and pushes up the cost. In order to better serve automobile enterprises, Neusoft cloud technology has reached a cooperation with Alibaba cloud to provide cloud services for the Internet of vehicles and escort the operation of solutions for the Internet of vehicles.

According to the introduction, the two sides jointly launched the cloud platform solution for the Internet of vehicles, by introducing the original multi-mode database lindorm, which is self researched by alicloud, to help car enterprises solve the problem of massive data storage in the Internet of vehicles, and greatly reduce the cost of data storage; At the same time, the power car enterprises conduct intelligent analysis on massive data, including vehicle condition analysis and travel analysis, so as to provide business decision-making basis for R & D department and Quality Department of the car enterprises, deeply insight into users, improve operation efficiency and carry out business innovation.

The reporter learned that many auto companies including Neusoft Ruichi, Jiangling Motor, Great Wall Motor have adopted the solution to provide strong technical support for product change, quality monitoring, travel service, after car service and other scenes.

Fu Chunjiang, general manager of Neusoft cloud technology, said: “data is the key to enhance customer experience and build technical competitiveness for the Internet of vehicles enabled car factories and Internet of vehicles service providers. Alicloud’s original multi-mode database lindorm has extremely competitive data storage cost performance and technical advantages, so that the data of Internet of vehicles can be stored and seen.”

It is reported that Ali cloud multi-mode database Lindorm supports massive data storage and processing of flexible cost, and has been through the Alibaba economy for more than 10 years, supporting Taobao, Tmall, Alipay, rookie network and other core businesses. In September last year, lindorm database officially provided external services to help customers in automobile, finance, industrial Internet of things and other fields scale flexibly according to the business scale and match the rapid growth of business.

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