Lightweight surface flagship from 2299 yuan

(April 9, 2021, Shenzhen) realme, the fastest growing intelligent brand in the world, released its first curved screen new product, the supreme version of realme X7 pro. Positioning as the “flagship of light and thin flash charging curved surface”, zhenwo X7 Pro is equipped with Samsung super AMOLED flexible curved surface screen, which is the only 5g smart phone with curved surface screen in 2000 price range. The fuselage is as thin as 7.8mm, and the weight is as light as 170g. It is equipped with 4500mAh large battery and 65W smart flash charging. It is light and has long endurance. In addition, the C-bit color and color value of zhenwo X7 Pro supreme edition have been re evolved, bringing users two new light colors of “sky city” and “Heiqiao forest”, realizing a comprehensive leap from performance to color value. From 2299 yuan on the day of release, zhenwo X7 Pro supreme edition will be on sale in the whole network.

轻薄曲面旗舰2299元起 realme真我X7 Pro至尊版发布

Xu Qi, vice president of realme and President of marketing in China, said: “zhenwo X7 Pro supreme is realme’s first curved screen mobile phone and the lightest 5g mobile phone ever. The curved screen design not only realizes the “borderless” appearance, but also takes into account the daily practicality. With powerful performance and advanced technology, zhenwo X7 Pro supreme edition will bring new experience to Zhenfen. “

Samsung flexible curved screen with higher quality

As a trendy brand of science and technology, realme X7 Pro supreme edition brings curved screen into 2000 yuan price range for the first time. In order to present a more amazing texture, zhenwo X7 Pro supreme edition seeks to go beyond the level of vision and feel in the design details, and finely polishes the curved screen. The curved screen with 56 ° golden curvature can bring a larger field of vision, make the hand feel more comfortable, and give consideration to practicality. It can effectively prevent false touch in daily use.

轻薄曲面旗舰2299元起 realme真我X7 Pro至尊版发布

The super screen has a super color gamut of 24000 * 1087% for Samsung’s HDTV users, with 100% contrast. Zhenwo X7 Pro supreme also supports high refresh rate of 90hz and touch sampling rate of 360hz, which makes the display effect smoother and touch interaction more accurate, and brings users extremely sensitive touch experience. It is worth mentioning that zhenwo X7 Pro supreme edition can intelligently switch between 30Hz / 60Hz / 90hz according to different applications, which can show excellent display effect, save power and endurance at the same time, and bring lasting smooth experience.

轻薄曲面旗舰2299元起 realme真我X7 Pro至尊版发布

It’s not only the light and thin appearance, but also the fashion design

Since its release, realme X series has been widely recognized by the market for its “design, performance and quality leapfrogging”, which explains realme’s understanding and expression of Z generation culture and fashion design. In particular, the “C-bit color” design of the realme X7 series stands out among many gradients and is admired by young fashion groups. This time, the brand-new true self X7 Pro supreme edition iterates the C-bit color design again, integrates the elements of classic fantasy fairy tales, brings two fantastic colors of “city of the sky” and “black clever forest”, and continues to convey to young people the spiritual attitude of daring to break through and surpass the level of realme.

The color matching of “city of the sky” is inspired by the boundless space and clouds. Holding the new aircraft in this color matching way, your mind seems to fall into a fantasy world: a wonderful flying castle, walking through the ideal kingdom of clouds, with the sun shining through the clouds and thousands of streamers slanting down. In order to make the back cover of my X7 Pro supreme version present the ethereal and fantastic texture of the city of the sky, the designer adopts a special double grain and double plating process. Under the effect of the fusion of static color and reflection color, the flowing dream visual effect is formed.

轻薄曲面旗舰2299元起 realme真我X7 Pro至尊版发布

(city of the sky)

“Heiqiao forest” is inspired by Alice’s food Wonderland. Under the moonlight, the magic forest full of cocoa fragrance and the slowly melting black cleverness are filled in the designer’s mind. Under the advanced technology laminated structure, the scattering texture layer, the highlight reflection layer and the solid color layer are superimposed on each other. With the flexible reflection film, the ceramic glaze feeling of Heiqiao forest is composed by the designer on the back cover of the supreme version of my X7 pro. In different angles of light, Heiqiao forest can present a magical luster.

轻薄曲面旗舰2299元起 realme真我X7 Pro至尊版发布

(Heiqiao forest)

It starts with facial value, but not just facial value. Compared with the previous generation, the absolute version of my X7 Pro is 0.5mm thinner, making the whole machine as thin as 7.8mm and as light as 170g, making it the lightest 5g mobile phone in the history of realme. The slim and thin fuselage gives users a very light and comfortable feel, and the design concept of “light and light burden reduction” is also in line with the life attitude of contemporary young fashion play groups, which means that realme will be based on young fashion play culture and continue to grow together with young people around the world.

轻薄曲面旗舰2299元起 realme真我X7 Pro至尊版发布

Outstanding performance and young fashion equipment

More and more consumers pay attention to the photo taking function of mobile phone. Zhenwo X7 Pro supreme edition has outstanding strength in image, 64 megapixel ultra clear main camera + 8 megapixel 119 ° ultra wide angle lens + 2 megapixel macro lens, to create a full scene rear image system, with streamer portrait, super night scene, axis shifting photography, night scene filter and other photography functions, zhenwo X7 Pro has the advantages of low cost, low cost and low cost Pro supreme breaks through the environmental restrictions and meets the needs of young people for all-weather and all scene images. In terms of front-end, zhenwo X7 Pro supreme edition is equipped with a 32 megapixel ultra clear front-end self timer lens, and supports super night scene of front-end portrait and super anti shake of UIs video. It brings young people a new way to play night scene self timer, shows the fashionable life in the night at any time, and makes dreamy night scene self timer blockbusters.

轻薄曲面旗舰2299元起 realme真我X7 Pro至尊版发布

In addition to taking photos, as the exclusive fashion play equipment for young people, zhenwo X7 Pro supreme also pursues leapfrog performance experience and endurance. The combination of the built-in Tianji 1000 + 5g processor, four a77 powerful cores, four A55 high-performance cores and arm mali-g77 GPU in zhenwo X7 Pro supreme edition has brought strong performance guarantee. Not only that, zhenwo X7 Pro supreme edition has VC liquid cooling heat dissipation, which can greatly reduce the temperature of the mobile phone. Even if you play games for a long time, you don’t need to worry about the hot problem of the mobile phone.

轻薄曲面旗舰2299元起 realme真我X7 Pro至尊版发布

In terms of endurance, zhenwo X7 Pro comes with 65W smart flash charge as standard, which can charge to 100% in 35 minutes at the fastest. With a number of innovative system level endurance optimization technologies, the supreme version of my X7 Pro can quickly “return blood” in a cup of coffee. On the basis of maintaining a light and thin fuselage, zhenwo X7 Pro supreme edition is also equipped with a 4500mAh large capacity battery, which fully guarantees the endurance ability and easily meets the high-intensity demand of modern young people for mobile phone endurance in the fast-paced life.

轻薄曲面旗舰2299元起 realme真我X7 Pro至尊版发布

As a member of realme X series, zhenwo X7 Pro quickly won the sales & amp; sales double champion of many e-commerce platforms as soon as it was on sale, and sold out in one hour, which was very popular. This time, zhenwo X7 Pro supreme edition will place 2000 price segments under the curved screen of high-end flagship configuration to help users who want to experience curved screen mobile phones realize “curved screen freedom”.

On April 9, zhenwo X7 Pro was launched on realme’s official website, Huantai mall, Jingdong, tmall, Suning and other e-commerce platforms. The price of 8GB + 128GB is 2399 yuan, and that of 12gb + 256gb is 2699 yuan. During the first sale period, it will be reduced by 100 yuan. Adhering to the brand concept of “dare to leap”, realme will continue to lead the trend of science and technology circle, become the benchmark of science and technology trend, provide intelligent products with leapfrog performance and trend design for young users all over the world, and build an intelligent fashion life with everything connected.



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