New network bank adheres to the concept of “digital inclusive, open connection”

In 2020, COVID-19 swept the globe and COVID-19 overlaid the complex external environment of the macroeconomic situation. It was a “stress test” for the new bank of new Internet bank. In the 2020 annual report, the indicators of Xinwang bank continue to rise, and the business model has withstood the double test of epidemic situation and policy adjustment. Xinwang bank adheres to the market positioning, takes the initiative to adopt a more stable business strategy, moderately grasps the rhythm of business investment, and realizes the continuous improvement of quality and efficiency of the overall operation.

Xinwang bank is one of the three Internet banks with national exhibition qualification. In the process of continuous development for four years, Xinwang bank has been the first private bank. By using the advantages of full online service, Xinwang bank cooperates with big banks to build inclusive ecology, realize complementary advantages and strong combination, and benefit a wider range of C-end long tail customers and b-end small and micro enterprises.

In view of the difficulty of credit extension for small and micro enterprises, Xinnet bank adheres to the original intention of Inclusive Finance, based on the good practice of C-end customer group, promotes BC linkage by using mature digital risk control technology, and improves the sense of access to financial services for small and micro enterprises. Under the idea of sustainable development, Xinwang bank continuously iterates, adjusts the “individual combat” mode, adheres to the trinity of “deposit, loan and foreign exchange”, and provides sustainable support for inclusive financial services.

During the epidemic period, Xinwang bank helped small and micro enterprises carry the banner of returning to work and production through “non-contact” service. The “non-contact” service cases were successfully selected into the top ten news of China’s banking industry in 2020.

Xinwang bank is initiated by shareholders such as new hope group, Xiaomi and Hongqi chain. It is a regular licensed bank approved by CBRC. Since the establishment of Xinwang bank, it has been adhering to the concept of “digital inclusive and open connection”, using financial technology means to reduce the cost of financial services, so that inclusive finance can truly reach thousands of households.



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