Savior r9000p: can you compete for the title of the game of the year?

April is coming, and a large number of amd5000 series game books will appear soon. However, in the hearts of many players, it is expected to create a brand of “popular fried chicken” game book this year, which will still be the Savior.

Break industry deadlock, also “inside roll” a lot of game this manufacturer

Looking back on the development of savior in the past two years, it is not difficult to see that savior has established a good communication with players and adhered to the principle of user experience first. At the same time of ensuring quality and after-sales, each new generation has been integrated into the high-end configuration and excellent performance that many players expect, which makes people surprised.

On March 30 this year, the significance of the release of r9000p2021 and r9000k2021 is even more extraordinary. In addition to the first attempt to carry a 16:10 screen in the game book, the long-awaited dream of “a powder” has finally been realized – the game book with AMD processor was born.

Presumably, fans have roughly learned from the official and other channels about the “burst” parameter configuration of Savior r9000p2021, including:

① 16 inch 16:10 display, 2.5k resolution, 165hz high brush, 3MS response, 500 nit peak brightness

② 140W “full blood” rtx3070 + 80wtdp sharp dragon 75800h

③ The third generation frost blade Pro intelligent temperature control and heat dissipation system

④ FN + Q beast mode high performance output

⑤ Dual directgfx dual mode enhanced display

↑ tester configuration sheet

This paper will discuss the significance of these parameters, hoping to help you solve the doubts before buying the machine.

The results of running points in “beast mode”

(the r9000p used in the evaluation does not update the latest BIOS, and the evaluation data is for reference only)


1. Leapfrog performance

2. First class screen quality

3. Return of classic appearance design

4. Outstanding cost performance


1. Only one white backlit keyboard that does not conform to the “9000 series” high-end positioning is configured

2.16:10 scale screen plays a role of “negative optimization” in some games

Performance first, still “leapfrog” play

The performance of the game is affected by two factors. One is the parameter design of CPU, GPU and other hardware, which determines the upper performance limit. The second is the heat dissipation design of notebook computer itself, which will greatly affect the performance of CPU and GPU in the actual performance and determine the lower limit of performance.

In recent years, Savior has built up a brand reputation with its super cooling design, once making it a strong partner of AMD. Players can explore the real strength of amd5000 series processor on this machine.

Built in 8-core 16 thread amdr75800h processor

According to the netizen’s words, “if you buy the new product of Savior, it’s equivalent to buying the next generation of game books one to two years in advance.” According to our measured results, this is not an exaggeration.

In terms of heat dissipation, the Savior r9000p2021 adopts full coverage heat conduction module, 5 heat pipes, 84mm fan, graphite + copper foil as auxiliary heat dissipation, and has 4 air outlets on the fuselage, so the heat dissipation design is beyond the “ticket price”.

The excellent heat dissipation design also extends more ways to play. For example, pressing “FN + Q” can adjust the notebook performance mode with one button. This function allows me to switch between high-performance output mode, quiet mode and automatic adjustment mode according to the needs of different scenes.

When you play computer at home late at night, you don’t have to worry about disturbing others any more. When you have nothing to do, you can turn on “beast mode” to let the computer break through the limit of power consumption wall, dissipate heat violently in the whole process, and greatly enhance the power of GPU through ppab.

The Savior r9000p2021 is equipped with 300W power adapter, which is of moderate weight

Under the cooperation of super heat dissipation and “beast mode”, we have obtained the following test data. The performance tuning and playing of the Savior r9000p2021 is really the first-class level in the industry:

Single baked CPU for 10 minutes, tdp73w, 8-core full core frequency 3.8ghz

Single bake GPU for 10 minutes, tdp130w

Double baking for 10 minutes, cpu45wtdp, gpu115w

The performance release of savior family products has always been very radical. If the hardware of standard TDP can exert 7 success forces, then savior must exert 90-100%.

It is found that the CPU is close to 80wtdp, and the CPU core frequency is about 3.8ghz. The power consumption of single baked GPU is 130wtdp (in most games, the power consumption of rtx3060 graphics card can reach 130W), which belongs to the “Super Cup” version of rtx3060, and the power of 8GB video memory rtx3070 is increased to 140W.

In such a high power, the graphics card can get more powerful performance release, enhance the performance in large-scale games and graphics rendering. For example, the timespy score of r9000p2021 of rtx3060 in our hands is 8859, which is equal to that of a certain rtx3070 with less than 100W power consumption.

The score of geekbeench5 CPU is 8352 for multi-core and 1497 for single core

The score of cbr23 was 12892 for multi-core and 1429 for single core

The score of timespy is 8859

It is worth mentioning that ordinary games usually use the mixed display mode of kernel display and independent display, so that the data exchange between independent display and independent display will cause about 10% performance loss. The Savior r9000p2021 adds the “independent direct connection mode” for players to choose, giving the best performance experience.

The working mode of graphics card can be switched in Lenovo computer manager

This mode can be directly output to the built-in screen through NVIDIA? Geforce independent graphics card. In FN + Q beast mode, the machine runs “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey”. With the highest resolution of 2560 * 1600, the average frame number of the game can reach 50FPS. Overall, the 130W rtx3060 with a 2.5k screen has no pressure to play 3a.

The highest image quality of “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey”, 2560 * 1600 resolution, average frame number 50FPS

The highest image quality, 2560 * 1600 resolution, average frame number 82fps

The highest image quality of war machine 5 is 2560 * 1600 resolution with an average frame number of 70fps

The highest image quality of Tomb Raider shadow is 2560 * 1600 resolution with an average frame number of 69fps

(the r9000p used in the evaluation does not update the latest BIOS, and the evaluation data is for reference only)

The screen has evolved to a 16:10 ratio of both productivity and game

This year, the salvation r9000 is upgraded to a 16:10 165hz, 2.5k (2560 * 1600 resolution) screen. Among them, the Savior r9000p2021 accounts for 91.7% of the screen, and the almost borderless B-side makes people feel “love” when they see this product.

Its screen quality is also praiseworthy. The measured brightness reaches 515 nits, the contrast is 1090:1, the color gamut reaches 99% sRGB coverage, and the color standard Δ e = 1.02, which can meet the needs of professional mapping.

↑ 99% sRGB, 78% Adobe RGB, 77% P3 gamut


Why leave the traditional 16:9 ratio?

Small partners who are used to MacBook or other high-end business books may have been used to the 16:10 ratio screen, which is very comfortable for daily reading and office. So what’s the difference between 16:9 And 16:10?

Although the games we tested basically support 16:10 resolution selection, the results are slightly different

The picture of lonely island 5 is forced to stretch from 16:9 to 16:10, and the picture is slightly distorted

The left and right field of vision in CS: go 16:10 is more trimmed than that in CS: go 16:9

In league of heroes, the left and right vision of 16:10 is cut compared with that of 16:9

After testing a number of games, we summarized the following three experiences:

1. Some stand-alone computers are not very friendly to the ratio of 16:10, and the screen will be slightly distorted or incomplete

2. For the sake of fairness, the video game will slightly cut the left and right field of vision in 16:10 mode

3. When running the game optimized for 16:10, the screen field of vision will be larger than the 16:9 wide screen (up and down field of vision)

Of course, only the above-mentioned third state is an ideal picture, but there are not many such games.

So overall, the 16:10 ratio of the screen in the daily office performance needless to say, very good. Only in the field of audio-visual entertainment is relatively advanced, need the accumulation of users to force the game manufacturers to optimize the screen will play its real strength.

Looking back on the popularity of 144hz high swipe screen in the e-sports industry, I am very optimistic about the 16:10 ratio screen appearing in the game book.

Why 165hz high refresh rate?

Both 144hz and 165hz are suitable for E-sports players. The effect of 165hz is better than 144hz, and the cost is lower than 240Hz. Therefore, it is a compromise between cost and performance, which is also in line with the positioning of Savior r9000p2021 with high cost performance.

The advantage of high refresh rate is needless to say. We pay more attention to the response speed of the screen. The faster the response speed is, the less blurred images will appear on the panel (especially in FPS games with violent camera rotation). The screen delay of Savior r9000p2021 is 5ms, which is close to the professional desktop video game display, and is in the first-class level of game based video game display. With g-sync frequency conversion technology, the output frame number of the graphics card is consistent with the refresh of the display, and the picture does not drag and tear.

Big Y is back!

The thickness of the rescuer r9000p2021 is about 21.7mm, and the weight is about 2.58kg. You should know that a few years ago, this size model could only carry a max-q graphics card with 60 ~ 80W power consumption.

In terms of interface, the rescuer r9000p2021 has given 4 usb-a, 2 usb-c, and HDMI, RJ45 network ports. The interfaces are very complete, and most of the interfaces are set at the rear of the fuselage, which is more convenient to arrange the wire, and the desktop will not be too messy.

It is worth mentioning that usb-c supports 100wpd protocol charging, which can provide fast charging for mobile phones, switches and other devices. In terms of product strength, Savior r9000p2021 is at the top level in terms of performance and screen performance, and can absolutely support its price.

Author: xiaolangmao, diamond Bay



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