Developing “Internet plus education” Ministry of Education issued the “Specification for the construction of digital campus in Colleges and universities” (Trial Implementation).

Beijing Business News (reporter Cheng Mingjie) Zhao Boyu, March 26th, according to the Ministry of education’s official website information, the Ministry of Education issued the “University Digital Campus Construction Specification (Trial Implementation)” (hereinafter referred to as “specification”), the “norm” aims to promote the 2 plan of action for education informatization, develop “Internet plus education”, promote information technology and education and teaching integration, and enhance the level of information construction and application of higher education.

According to the requirements of the code, the construction of digital campus in Colleges and universities should focus on the fundamental task of moral education, combine with business needs, and use information technology, especially intelligent technology, to realize the innovative exploration of education mode, systematic construction of network security, intelligent connection of information resources, digital transformation of campus environment, and improvement of user’s information literacy Adaptive development and digital transformation of core business. At the same time, the construction of digital campus in Colleges and universities should follow the construction principles of overall planning, step-by-step implementation, overall design, standard guidance and application orientation, and promote in accordance with the construction process of overall planning, overall design, project construction, operation and maintenance, evaluation and improvement.

In addition, the standard also puts forward general requirements for all aspects of digital campus construction in Colleges and universities. Specific instructions have been given in infrastructure, information resources, information literacy, application services, network security and security system. Colleges and universities are required to carry out various forms of information literacy education activities with credit courses as the main course, embedded teaching and training lectures as the auxiliary.

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