Rx6800m graphics card is coming! ASUS Rog game will be equipped with

ASUS Rog G15 game was recently exposed. The biggest attraction of this game is equipped with a new generation of AMD notebook graphics card – rx6800m.


According to the report of foreign media videocardz, the rx6800m notebook graphics card may be based on the “Navi 22” display core of 7Nm process, with 2560 stream processors and 192bit width and 12gb gddr6 memory.

In terms of performance, the rx6800m can probably match NVIDIA’s new generation rtx3080 notebook graphics card, which is also the flagship performance!

In addition to the rx6800m notebook graphics card, ASUS Rog G15 game book will also be equipped with a sharp dragon 95900hx processor. Processors, graphics cards are amd products this time, amd games this year to fire!

Author: Zhang Fan



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