360hz video game display predator X25 launched

With the upgrade and release of NVIDIA 30 series graphics card and 3a game blockbuster, video game players have been waiting for a display that can give full play to the graphics card and game image quality. If they want to experience the game with high frame number and fluency, 360hz video game level display is the only choice for professional players. Predator predator, a high-end brand of Acer Group’s e-sports, recently released its first 360hz ultra-high refresh rate display predator X25, which adopts Acer’s second generation E-sports panel, carries NVIDIA g-sync hardware technology, and adds NVIDIA reflex delay analyzer. With its strong performance, it has become another milestone new product of predator series.

360hz super high plateau refresh rate, X25 with NVIDIA Technology

As Acer Group’s first 360 Hz refresh rate display, the predator X25 is born for the ultimate game experience. Compared with the previous high-end E-sports displays, the 360hz refresh rate is a milestone. The ultra-high refresh rate greatly reduces the screen’s jamming, shadowing and tearing, and the action is more fluent than other players, so as to obtain the invisible buff bonus and meet the strict requirements of FPS players for hardware to the greatest extent. The 360hz refresh rate is powered by NVIDIA g-sync, which is 1.5 times faster than the traditional 240Hz display. It can give full play to the advantages of ultra-high frame rate in current game masterpieces, including “valorant”, “fortnite” and “counter”- Strike:GlobalOffensive )””Rainbow Six: Siege” and “o verwatch)”。 It is reported that the popular FPS competitive shooting game “Rainbow Six: Siege” was officially installed in NVIDIA reflex on March 30. I’ve been waiting for machine gun brother for a long time!

In addition, X25 is equipped with a revolutionary system delay measurement tool nvidiareflex delay analyzer, which keeps CPU and GPU synchronized, dynamically reduces rendering queue, monitors real-time actions of peripheral equipment, and captures end-to-end system delay. If combined with NVIDIA’s 30 series graphics card, whether it’s sweeping battlefield vision or precision shooting, g-sync + reflex will reduce the system delay of e-games to the greatest extent, and the first step visual display and timely synchronous output feedback will win the first chance for the player between the decisive milliseconds.

Enhance the immersive experience in an all-round way, from the inside to the outside

When watching professional e-sports, it is not difficult to find that in order to observe the battlefield efficiently, E-sports players seldom use large screen. The predator X25 uses a 24.5-inch FHD Full HD ultra narrow frame screen to create a comfortable screen for players in standard sitting posture. In terms of color, the 99% sRGB and 8bit color transition standards can meet the color requirements of most E-sports games. At the same time, the color standard can reach the professional level deltaE < 1, and hdr400 mode can also be turned on to enrich the details of light and shade. In the fierce battle of the game, X25 can run to 360hz with full HD image quality and rich color performance. The e-sports experience is smooth and the visual experience is not mediocre.

X25 breaks the previous appearance design idea of predator series. For the first time, it adopts the back dazzling light band. When playing games, the back light of the monitor can change with the screen effect. Especially at night, it is a different decoration, with narrow frame, large screen and dynamic light effect, creating a full sense of electronic competition. Players can also use the X25 customized light effect program DIY electronic competition light effect to match the X25 built-in lighting effect Two 2W impressions, even at home, there is a warm-blooded atmosphere of the game scene. The predator X25 has complete interfaces, including two HDMI (2.0) interfaces, one DisplayPort (1.4) interface and three USB3.0 interfaces, which can adapt to most electronic products. In addition, X25 supports wall hanging, with lifting base, supporting left and right rotation, vertical rotation and up and down tilt.

From x27 to x38 to X25, from 144hz to 175hz to 360hz, Acer Group’s predator high-end E-sports series has been committed to the pursuit of high-quality E-sports experience. Acer’s E-sports display is committed to becoming the gold medal assistant in the game process and the eye and hand of the player, regardless of design or performance. At present, the predator X25 has been put on the shelves of Acer Jingdong’s own flagship store, and the players who pursue the speed of E-sports can get the first experience.

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