AMD to launch x570s motherboard: South Bridge will be changed to passive cooling

According to foreign media, AMD is ready to launch the main board of x570s chipset. Compared with the active x570 chipset motherboard, the biggest change of x570s chipset motherboard is that Nanqiao chip will be changed to passive cooling. The South Bridge chips of the active x570 chipset motherboard are equipped with independent fan cooling.

The motherboard of x570s chipset adopts the passive cooling design of Nanqiao, which also shows that the process of AMD motherboard chip has been improved, and the calorific value is not so high. This is a good phenomenon!


At present, Gigabyte has submitted eight new SKUs of x570s chipset motherboard to EEC, including aorus master series, aorus elite ax series, aorus elite series, aorus Pro ax series, aero G series and gaming X series.

When will the main board of x570s chipset come into the market? At present, amd official has no clear information. A please be patient!

Author: Zhang Fan


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