New features of win10 exposed again! Great improvement of setup and taskbar menu

[pconline information] win10 will receive two major version updates this year, among which the 21h2 update in the second half of the year can be called the biggest improvement of win10 in recent years. In win10 21h2, the system interface UI and multiple function modules will be a big update. Recently, there are new features of win10 exposed! According to the report of windows lastest, there will be many changes in win10’s settings panel and taskbar menu. Let’s have a look.

Win10 new settings panel

First of all, win10’s settings panel will add a long-awaited function – using Bing wallpaper as the desktop background. In the personalized page of win10, you can select the option of “Spotlight”, and then the desktop wallpaper will display the beautiful pictures from Bing and update automatically. Previously, similar functions could only be realized by installing the corresponding software of Bing. Now this function has become a built-in function of the system.

It is reported that the function also seems to involve artificial intelligence, according to the user’s preferences to update wallpaper, or very good.

Secondly, the personalization of the keyboard is added in win10 settings. Users can change the appearance of the touch keyboard in the settings, for example, they can customize the color of keys and borders, the opacity of the background, and the proportion of the keyboard. If you are using a tablet, you often need to call the touch keyboard, which will bring you a better experience.

In addition, the option of “device usage” is added in the settings panel, which is a new function. It can display the space occupied by data for different purposes, and optimize the system by using the tools and service suggestions provided by Microsoft. At present, the panel will provide statistics of game, family, creation, learning, entertainment and business. It is not clear whether more types of data will be added.

Win10 new taskbar menu

Microsoft is changing the version of the taskbar, and the function menu that pops up by right clicking on the taskbar has also changed a lot. For example, when you right-click an application like Notepad in the taskbar, you will find a new option of “open file locally”, which allows you to select the file you want to open directly through the resource manager.

In addition, Microsoft also plans to remove the display of some functions from the taskbar menu, such as hiding the taskbar, Microsoft ink workspace and even windows search. Microsoft removed these options to improve the taskbar settings page and reduce confusion. If you like a more concise experience, this would be a good improvement; but if you don’t activate win10, you may not be able to set the details of the taskbar. In other words, you can’t enjoy features like hiding windows search.

Whether it’s the new settings panel or the new taskbar menu, it will be provided to users for testing in the developer preview version of win10. Look forward to the official arrival of the new version of win10.

Author: Aimo


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