ASUS WiFi 6 routing rt-ax68u modern home high speed network can rely on it

With the popularity of intelligent devices in the home, the role of routing as “network control center” is becoming more and more important. However, the performance of routing products is uneven, resulting in the following situations encountered by many friends:

As long as there is a device at home downloading data (such as playing games and online classes with a tablet), other devices will be affected, as if there is no network;

When it comes to the decisive stage of the game, the delay soars, the game characters get out of control, etc. switch to the SIM data connection, and the game screen is black;

Squatting a toilet, wireless network signal plummeted, watching a video to refresh half a day, resulting in “Shi meaning nothing.”;

The wireless network transmitted by the router often has signal but no network. It needs to restart the router to calm down before it can continue to use.

Choosing a good router is a difficult problem for many users at present or in the future. Here, we can talk about ASUS 68u routing. Since the launch of ASUS rt-ac68u in 2013, the high-end and powerful are firmly engraved in the hearts of many router players, and ac68u has always been the classic existence of intelligent router. Seven years after the launch of the previous generation rt-ac68u, ASUS launched the rt-ax68u Black Warrior (hereinafter referred to as “rt-ax68u”) intelligent wireless router supporting wi-fi6. Can this product meet the needs of home network in the next seven years?

In terms of appearance design, rt-ax68u still adopts vertical modeling and antique warrior crown design, which is quite electronic competition style. The standing design makes the antenna station higher and the signal coverage wider. The three external antennas that can not be disassembled can rotate 180 degrees left and right or 90 degrees up and down.

The front and back sides of the fuselage are designed with V-shaped patterns to give consideration to beauty and heat dissipation.

There is a row of signal lights on the right side of the top of the fuselage, which is very simple and has no sense of disobedience. The signal is normal when the white light is on, and the fault when the red light is on.

The back of the fuselage is designed with rich interfaces. From left to right, there are DC power jack, WPS switch, reset switch, power switch, USB2.0 interface, USB3.0 interface, 1 Gigabit WAN port and 4 Gigabit LAN ports connected together.

It is worth mentioning that the back interface is all metal clad, which is more anti-interference. It is worth mentioning that the dual USB interface is rare in routers (generally one). This design makes this product have higher scalability, such as NAS.

Rt-ax68u routing management interface (PC side)

First, take a look at the PC interface of ASUS rt-ax68u. In the initial setting, you will be prompted that 802.11ax is ready. In fact, 802.11ax is WiFi 6.

After setting, we will enter the classic homepage of ASUS routing, which is very scientific and technological, and keeps pace with the times to add new functions. Roughly, the leftmost row is the function button, the middle row is the online status, wireless security level, the number of connected users and USB device connection, and the rightmost row is the system status information, including the internal network IP and lanmac address.

If you already have multiple ASUS routers in your home or your home covers a large area (such as Dabieshan), then aimesh is very practical. Rt-ax68u upgrades aimesh to version 2.0, supports 802.11kv unlimited roaming protocol, and can network with multiple ASUS routers supporting aimesh, making signals everywhere.

If you place the route in the public area, or the user who has high requirements for network security, rt-ax68u has built-in commercial home network security suite aiprotectionpro, which can provide network security assessment, malicious website interception, drug device isolation and parental control for your family, and is free for life.

In the adaptive QoS setting of network monitor, we can monitor the network bandwidth and manage the QoS. The English full name of QoS is “quality of service”, which is a kind of security mechanism of wireless network, used to solve the problems of network delay and blocking, and is also one of the core technologies of game acceleration.

Nowadays, more and more games need to use accelerators to get a good experience. ASUS rt-ax68u has carried out in-depth cooperation with mainstream accelerator manufacturers Netease UU accelerator and Tencent online game accelerator. Whether it’s host games such as PS4 and Xbox, mobile games or PC games such as steam, foreign servers can easily accelerate. In addition, we learned from the official that the purchase of ASUS rt-ax68u will get 100 days of senior members of Tencent online game accelerator and 90 days of senior members of Netease UU accelerator (for new members).

For example, the author often plays PS4 games, and there are many PS4 port service games. However, due to network restrictions, many game experiences are not good. After using ASUS rt-ax68u router to accelerate, the fluency of the game is improved significantly. Before, there were several games in the process of playing frequently dropped. After the router started to accelerate the PS4, it was much more stable, and the speed of downloading the game package of foreign service was very fast It’s fast. In addition, when playing CS: go, pubg and other host games, the delay is lower and the experience is better.

It is worth mentioning that before playing games, you had to manually log in to the accelerator. Now with the rt-ax68u, you can experience the fun of acceleration by directly connecting to the router, which is very practical.

In USB related applications, we can see that there are aidisk, printer connection and other functions, which greatly expand the use scenarios of ASUS rt-ax68u.

Aicloud 2.0 personal cloud function can provide users with lightweight private cloud disk, namely NSA. Users can access the USB storage disk mounted on ax68u through aicloud client, and view data at each terminal anytime and anywhere. Android mobile phone, apple mobile phone, etc. have been supported.

Speaking of mobile phones, let’s take a look at the UI of mobile phones?

Mobile app interface and features

ASUS router mobile terminal control application is called “ASUS router”, which can be downloaded in major app stores. Users who have used ASUS router should not be unfamiliar with this product. Open the application, you can see the home page, which has some common functions, such as network status, real-time traffic, aimesh, etc.

In the device bar, we can see the status of the routers currently in use. At the same time, it can also set the QoS to make the game, streaming media, office meeting and other different environments experience faster network speed.

Nowadays, many children have their own Internet devices, such as tablet computers. The information on the Internet is complex and changeable. If you don’t pay attention to it, it may affect children’s body and mind. Rt-ax68u has special family functions, which can protect children’s network security. Parents can also check their children’s online situation and traffic statistics every day to keep abreast of their children’s online trends.

In the settings column, we can see all the functions of controlling rt-ax68u on the mobile terminal, and provide a search box to facilitate users to quickly find the functions they need.

Signal test and game experience

In order to reflect the advantages of WiFi 6 routing, non WiFi 6 devices are selected for comparison. The PC terminal platforms are Lenovo xiaoxinchao 7000, which adopts Qualcomm snapdragon Atheros qca9377 (non WiFi 6); the other is HP zhanx, which adopts ax201 wireless network card supporting WiFi 6. The mobile terminal platforms are iPhone 8 plus (not WiFi 6) and iPhone E2 which supports WiFi 6.

First of all, let’s look at the signal strength when it is close to the router and there is no blocking in the middle.

It can be seen from this that the signal of WiFi 6 notebook is obviously better than that of non WiFi 6 notebook, which indicates that rt-ax68u’s support for WiFi 6 really brings good signal to notebook. After that, we put the notebook in a room, which is separated from the router by a wall, with about 10m space in the middle.

After that, we tested the signal strength of the mobile phone and found that the mobile phone supporting WiFi 6 still has great advantages in signal strength.

In general, through the testing of the above products, we found that WiFi 6 has obvious advantages in network signal. If users support WiFi 6 products (there will be more and more WiFi 6 products at present), they will get a good network experience.

Finally, I tried King’s glory on my mobile phone. Thanks to rt-ax68u’s high-speed WiFi 6 network, the delay in the game was only about 40ms. Before that, when I used mobile network or non WiFi 6 routing, the delay often reached about 60ms, sometimes hundreds.

Summary of pconline evaluation room

From the actual experience effect, ASUS rt-ax68u performs very well. It is an excellent router that continues the classic and keeps pace with the times.

With the software and hardware support of Broadcom high-speed processor and WiFi 6 standard, combined with QoS and OFDMA + MU-MIMO, it can be said that it has achieved the ultimate in game acceleration, allowing users to say goodbye to the troubles of stuck and delay in the process of mobile games and PC games, and increasing the continuity and immersion of the game.

At the same time, ASUS rt-ax68u supports aimesh2.0, dual USB interface, APP intelligent management, full scene acceleration, etc., providing users with a broader use scenario.

If you want to change a high-speed WiFi 6 routing, ASUS rt-ax68u will be a good choice.

Author: Li Fei



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