NASA’s willpower sent back a high-definition panorama of Mars



On the 6th, NASA released a picture of Mars taken by willpower. CFP / chart

On March 6, 2021 local time, NASA released a high-definition panorama of the Mars landing site taken by the willpower rover, which showed the public the surface of Mars explored by the new Rover.

The “willpower” Mars rover landed on Mars on February 18 and is undergoing system tests. So far, all tests have been successful. On March 4, the “willpower” Rover made its first Mars walk, which took 33 minutes to move 6.5 meters, leaving a shallow rut on Mars.

According to NASA’s official website, in the first walk of the willpower rover, it first advanced 4 meters from the landing site, then turned 150 degrees to the left and then moved 2.5 meters. This is the mobility test of willpower. When it officially performs a scientific mission, it will be able to travel 200 meters or more.

Willpower has six aluminum wheels, each supported by titanium spokes, and a suspension that can travel on rocks the size of the wheels themselves.

Equipped with a new generation of Engineering camera imaging system, willpower has transmitted about 7000 images to the earth. After the first Mars walk, willpower will continue to undergo more detailed testing and calibration, and then collect rock and soil samples from Mars, which will be brought back to earth in other Mars exploration missions in the future.

“Willpower” is NASA’s ninth probe to visit the surface of Mars. It was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base in Florida on July 30 last year. It will look for signs of life that may have existed on Mars in ancient times, explore the geological and climatic characteristics of Mars, and explore the way for future human exploration and landing on Mars. Comprehensive report of Beijing Business Daily

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