Glory wanbiao: the supply chain fully recovers glory and has the ability of global operation



From November 2020, glory began to split independently. After four months, glory has completed the integration work. In a recent media interview, Wan Biao, chairman of glory Terminal Co., Ltd., said that glory has become an independent company and has fully resumed cooperation with global supply chain partners.

According to Wan Biao, President of glory, at present glory’s global supply chain partners also include semiconductor chip manufacturers. Glory’s independence covers end-to-end systems and capabilities in R & D, marketing, supply and procurement.

After leaving Huawei, glory has completed its own integration on the basis of previous experience. Relying on past experience, glory, as a new brand, also has strong competitiveness in the next competition. At present, glory has global R & D innovation capability and global operation capability. Besides China, glory also covers Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and other regions.

After the completion of the supply chain integration, glory will launch a number of flagship products. Wan Biao, President of glory, said that in the middle of this year, glory will be the first to launch two smart phone products, magic flagship series and glory digital high-end series, which will also become the new benchmark of global smart phones. In addition, this year glory will launch high-end notebook computers, high-end tablets and wearable devices.

In the future, glory will focus more on the high-end product market, not only mobile phones, but also laptops, tablets and wearable devices.

Wan Biao, chairman of glory, said that the core of glory’s brand is committed to Zhiyuan. This year’s launch of flagship products is just the beginning. In the future, through the efforts of the team, glory will be built into a global iconic high-end technology brand, and glory is confident of winning the competition with Huawei.

Glory’s high-end positioning needs a product to show its strength. Glory already has the same technical strength as Huawei, including advanced technologies such as image, communication, system design, algorithm and AI, which makes the brand-new glory magic series and digital series more worthy of expectation.

Author: Li Jungong



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