Daughter Red Cross Border “dye sauce” to open the road of cultural sauce wine

Beijing business daily (reporter Zhao Dan) during the spring sugar fair, soy sauce and wine frequently brushed their faces. In addition to traditional soy sauce and wine enterprises, some “people other than soy sauce” also entered the market one after another. Beijing Business Daily reporter learned that during the spring sugar Fair held from April 7 to April 9, the launch conference of “new generation of soy sauce after 1700 years – daughter red sauce wine” was held in Chengdu. At this conference, daughter red launched new soy sauce wine products, and the cross-border “soy sauce dyeing” of old rice wine enterprises triggered discussions among many people in the industry.

女儿红跨界“染酱” 开启文化酱酒之路

The Chinese Baijiu, which accounts for 8% of the total liquor production capacity, accounts for 26% of the total Baijiu sales in 2020. The total output of the total liquor is about 60 million liters, and the capacity of the whole liquor is 9% higher than that of the previous year. The profit of the industry is about 63 billion yuan, which accounts for 39.7% of the profit of the Baijiu industry in China.

Lu Yuhua, vice president of Zunyi liquor industry association, said frankly that if we want to make sauce wine well, we should improve the quality on the one hand and focus on the brand on the other. Sauce wine enterprises only do a good job in quality and brand, they are qualified to look up to the stars.

In Lu Yuhua’s eyes, this time daughter red “dye sauce” provides a cultural sauce wine paradigm. Lu Yuhua said that Zunyi and Renhuai sauce wine industries have been pursuing to enrich sauce wine culture and tell good sauce wine stories, and are happy to see more sauce wine brands of different cultures emerge and grow.

It is understood that the daughter red sauce liquor has two sauce liquor production bases with an annual output of 5000 tons in the core sauce liquor production area of Maotai Town, which are jointly controlled by Hu Zhiming, chairman of Shaoxing daughter Red Liquor Co., Ltd. and Yu Fangqiang, chairman of Guizhou yelanggu Liquor Co., Ltd. During the 103rd sugar and wine fair, Ho Chi Minh put forward the strategy of “daughter Red +” for the first time. At the same time, daughter red sauce wine · Feng series products also appeared for the first time.

Ho Chi Minh said that in recent years, the sauce wine industry has witnessed rapid development. Relying on its own cultural connotation and the sauce wine brewing environment in Renhuai area, the production of daughter red hopes to create a representative cultural sauce wine through the integration of daughter red brand and hot products.

Yang Guang, chairman of Beijing zhengyitang strategic consulting agency, believes that daughter red has a long history, high consumer awareness, and it is a super IP that can be mined. Therefore, daughter red should inject the power of culture and quality into this IP.

Beijing Business Daily reporter combing found that “daughter red” based on its own IP, across a wide range, and gradually launched daughter red mask, daughter red milk tea and other new categories. In addition, nuerhong also excavates the “happy” culture, and promotes the traditional festive culture of nuerhong through the traditional wedding banquet scene. At present, in Shaoxing, Jiangsu, Shanghai and other places in China, the “happy” culture of daughter red has spread out.

Jin Yufeng, a Baijiu marketing expert, said that one of the typical characteristics of culture is keeping pace with the times, and so does liquor culture. Because of the characteristics of keeping pace with the times, liquor culture needs new expression in the new era. Both audio-visual programs and local cultural festivals belong to the category of new expression. The new expression of culture transferred to the brand can attach more powerful, inheritable and continuous vitality to the brand, and accelerate the resonance and common interest between the brand and the target consumer group.

According to the analysis of industry insiders, from the overall external environment, after several years of development, the sauce wine industry now has a higher degree of activity, and the diversity and diversity of the market have also been vividly presented, which provides a stage for cross-border players.

For the future of daughter red, Yang Guang said that daughter red cross-border sauce wine reflects the integration of big IP, hot category, multi-cultural significance and new business model. Therefore, daughter red has a great chance to become a fast-growing brand in the next five years.

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