PC version of biochemical crisis 8: rx6800xt starts

Biochemical crisis 8 will be on sale on May 7. Recently, amd announced that it will join hands with Capcom Capcom to add light tracking function and AMD fidelity FX special effects to PC version of biochemical crisis 8.


According to the introduction of AMD’s official website, “biochemical crisis 8” PC version needs a rx6800xt graphics card to run its light tracking function smoothly. In terms of CPU, AMD ryzen 5 1600 is required, but the requirement is relatively low.

Amd official website released no light and light configuration: no light, the recommended configuration for the sharp dragon 5 1600 processor, rx57000xt graphics card. To turn on the light tracing, the recommended configuration is the sharp dragon 51600 processor and the rx6800xt graphics card.

It’s not clear whether the special effects of biochemical crisis 8 will support the n-card when it’s on sale. After all, the previous “fall of the gods” is a card optimization game, the PC version of the first time tracking function does not support N card, three months later added support for n card.

Author: Zhang Fan



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