Lenovo’s Xiaoxin air 14 plus exposure: sharp dragon CPU + NVIDIA

Recently, Lenovo warmed up the new Xiaoxin air 14 plus notebook and announced some features of this product.

It is understood that the new Xiaoxin air 14 plus will adopt a light and thin metal body, equipped with AMD sharp dragon processor and NVIDIA unique display. It is expected that the R7 5800u and MX 450 can be selected as high options.

Meanwhile, according to other media reports, Xiaoxin air 14 plus will be equipped with the same screen as pro 14, with a 14 inch 2.2 K 16:10 ratio to support human face recognition. Equipped with two usb-a and two usb-c interfaces, as well as HDMI and SD card slot.

It is worth mentioning that in the past two years, due to the powerful performance of the core display of the low-voltage processor of sharp dragon, there were few MX graphics cards. The appearance of Lenovo’s new air 14 plus will trigger a wave of frivolous a + n combo in this field.

Author: Li Fei



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