Jingdong air conditioning super products are coming, helping enterprises to create high quality office life

For enterprises, providing comfortable office environment and conditions for employees has become one of the best ways to improve office efficiency. Therefore, for the small and medium-sized enterprises which were suspended due to the epidemic situation last year and have to restart this year, it is urgent to complete the layout and reconstruction of office space, as well as the procurement of office appliances. Cold and humid in the South and dry in the north, especially in the late spring and early summer, the temperature difference and allergy season have a great impact on the status of employees, which makes the demand of enterprises for air conditioning procurement increase significantly. In the face of this enterprise procurement demand, Jingdong launched the enterprise renewal plan in the air conditioning super category day on April 12, aiming to help enterprises quickly prepare high-quality office materials such as air conditioning with lower investment and enter the production and operation state efficiently.


Long time indoor office, healthy and fresh air can not be less. In early spring, many enterprises have just completed the office decoration and maintenance, and need air conditioning to bring appropriate temperature, humidity and healthy air to the office. Coupled with the accelerated heating in the middle and late April, it is urgent to install air conditioning and arrange a cool office environment. In this super category day of air conditioning, Jingdong enterprise purchase co-ordinates and recommends a number of popular products on the platform to enterprise users. The lowest exclusive price of 1.5-piece variable frequency air conditioning of Youmei is less than 2000 yuan, and the exclusive price of 1.5-piece variable frequency air conditioning of Haier is as low as 50% off. In addition, Jingdong enterprise can also enjoy the preferential activities of purchasing more than 5000 return 200 and more than 10000 return 500.

In addition to the office environment, in allergic spring, hot summer, dry autumn and cold winter, it is undoubtedly the best way to enhance the “soft power” of the enterprise to improve the dormitory conditions, improve the quality of life and create the most comfortable dormitory environment for employees. For example, TCL’s many kinds of household mobile air conditioners, which are free of installation and drainage, have become popular products for enterprises to purchase.

It is worth mentioning that Jingdong enterprise purchase has also launched one price all inclusive rights and interests for enterprise users: all items of machine dismantling, remote service, aerial work, wall drilling and lengthening copper tube are all inclusive at one price, without additional payment for other expenses; VAT invoice can be issued to solve the problem of reimbursement for auxiliary materials; and special personnel can help enterprises make an appointment in advance to save money, time and money for air conditioning purchase and installation Save effort. In addition, companies can enjoy a 365 yuan subsidy for replacing old machines and a 300 yuan subsidy for replacing new ones.


Nowadays, with the upgrading of consumption structure and the post-80s and post-90s becoming the backbone of society, the pursuit of office environment quality and highlighting enterprise personality has become the mainstream demand. Due to the different purchasing needs of enterprises from all walks of life, homogeneous and standardized commodities have been difficult to meet the personalized needs of enterprises. Relying on the platform’s digital management and big data advantages, Jingdong enterprise also provides customized services for enterprises, pays close attention to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, creates a new flexible supply chain ecosystem, meets users’ diversified, personalized and customized commodity trading experience, and realizes diversified and efficient commodity customization.

From the perspective of procurement mode, Jingdong enterprise procurement platform can accurately match the needs of enterprises, and help small and medium-sized enterprises with weak procurement bargaining power, difficulty in cost control, delay in delivery due to small procurement volume, high logistics cost, difficulty in goods quality supervision, and untimely information receiving. The platform’s “fast procurement, light management, one-stop” integrated solution can reduce the cost of home appliance procurement and the whole process service of enterprise users, at the same time, upgrade the procurement management mode and service innovation driven by technology, help enterprises focus on the main business, and help enterprises accelerate the development of operation with digitization, intelligence and efficiency.



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