Focus on the 100 billion level market, create the first choice brand of domestic CBD health consumption

Industrial hemp is an emerging industry with rapid development in recent years. It has high economic value and can be widely used in food processing, papermaking, textile, building materials, medical treatment, health care products and cosmetics. According to the data of brightfield group, the global CBD industry value will reach US $5.7 billion in 2019 and US $18.1 billion in 2021, with an average annual growth rate of 78%. In the next five years, it is expected to increase to more than 100 billion US dollars, and China’s 1.4 billion potential CBD consumers will promote China to become the world’s largest CBD market.

The huge development potential of industrial hemp has attracted the attention of many capital, and many enterprises have entered the market. Among them, A-share listed company Shenzhen Datong Industrial Co., Ltd. (stock code 000038, hereinafter referred to as “Shenzhen Datong”) has a forward-looking vision and early layout of the industrial hemp cosmetics market. Its cosmetics brand, magic muscle source, combines high-quality ingredients with R & D process, pays attention to practical efficacy, and gains the recognition of many consumers.


Magic muscle source acne Cleansing Series

According to GCI (global cosmic) According to the report released by industry, in 2019, the attention of cosmetics, skin care and other beauty markets to CBD increased by 279% year-on-year, and that of personal care markets such as body care also increased by 198%. Taking the United States as an example, European and American countries took the lead in using industrial hemp skin care products. Many celebrities choose to use skin care products with CBD ingredients for skin care, and regard hemp leaf extract as an important ingredient As a highly respected skin care ingredient, CBD skin care officially set off a boom.

With the popularity of global industrial hemp cosmetics, the development of domestic CBD cosmetics science popularization is gradually improved. Under the name of influential media in many industries, ordinary consumers have gradually realized that industrial hemp, as a high-end skin care active ingredient with super high utilization value, can effectively wake up the internal regulation mechanism of skin and promote the virtuous cycle of skin, which is a kind of solvable drug It is an effective skin care product for skin sensitivity, acne and aging. Under the background of relaxing the relevant policies in some regions at home and abroad, the application prospect of industrial hemp has also leaked out. Since 2015, the content of adjustment of the name list of used cosmetic raw materials issued by the State Food and Drug Administration of China has included “hemp leaf extract, hemp kernel fruit, hemp seed oil” in the cosmetic raw materials, and the domestic industrial hemp cosmetic market has developed rapidly The CBD skin care products have entered into the vision of more people.


Industrial hemp is the power to create beauty

As an enterprise deeply engaged in industrial hemp ingredients, shendatong has become a leading skin care brand in the industry by virtue of its sensitive market sense and control over the R & D of new technologies, as well as its R & D strength in the field of bioengineering and health industry. In the process of development, shendatong has made great efforts to drive the two carriages of product efficacy and product quality, and invested in the establishment of “Datong hemp research center” In the process of product development, we attach importance to safety, sense of experience and cost performance, and have made a major technological breakthrough in CBD cosmetics in a short time. At the same time, Shenzhen Datong has been committed to the popularization of industrial hemp, helping consumers to have a comprehensive understanding of hemp cosmetics, striving to build a domestic CBD health consumption brand, and striving for more people to benefit from the magical repair ability of CBD.


Magic muscle source modern chemical plant covers an area of 14000m2, using the world’s top technology and production equipment

Control the source of producing area and achieve high quality with science and technology

Magic muscle source’s own planting base is established in Dali, Yunnan Province, which is the most suitable for industrial hemp growth in China. The ten thousand mu fertile land of the base is conducive to large-scale and scientific and technological production. The land is flat, the climate is suitable, and the excellent natural conditions create high-quality CBD raw materials. Compared with the single CBD ingredient used in most products on the market, magic muscle source intensive research technology adopts CBD broad-spectrum oil known as “plant gold”, which is rich in cbdv, CBG, CBN and other terpene cannabinoids while removing thc ingredients. The accompanying effect of all kinds of cannabinoids doubles its skin care efficacy. From planting, processing to production, magic muscle source checks every level and strictly controls the quality. Based on the product concept of “safety, efficiency and science”, we have combined with the world’s top research force to create skin care products that can relieve, replenishment, acne, whitening and anti aging. Combined with our own research background and skin care technology, we build high-end professional skin care brand, and strive to solve the skin problem of modern fast-paced life, and use more innovative products. To satisfy consumers’ right to become beautiful and their imagination of a better life.


Magic muscle source has its own planting base: 25 ° n, located in Dali, Yunnan Province

With the deepening of scientific skin care cognition and the change of concept, the consumption process of the new generation of consumers tends to be more rational. Professional skin care products with significant efficacy are more likely to be favored by them. According to the effective data, 72% of consumers hope that the brand can actively explain the efficacy of product components. With many years of experience in the skin care market, magic muscle source, with the blessing of CBD skin care, impresses consumers with its efficacy and becomes the first choice of CBD skin care products.

Nowadays, China’s industrial hemp market is in the stage of rapid growth. In the fierce market competition, magic muscle source shows its strong strength in the research and innovation of hemp skin care products. In the future, with the in-depth development of industrial hemp skin care products, magic muscle CBD cosmetics will continue to grow by virtue of its professional and effective products, top scientific research ability and good market reputation. At the same time, it will provide investors with a promising investment option and development space, and become the preferred brand for domestic CBD health consumption.



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