Jingdong air conditioning super category day, the “old for new” can be called the best of the year!

At the beginning of 2020, the China Household Electrical Appliances Association issued a series of standards for the safe service life of household appliances. According to the standards, the safe service life of household appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, range hoods and electric water heaters can not exceed 10 years. According to the standard calculation, by the end of 2020, about 160 million household appliances have reached the safe service life. Therefore, the upgrading of these products not only solves the increasingly prominent security problems of old household appliances, but also meets people’s pursuit of a better life under the trend of consumption upgrading.

However, the process of selling old appliances and replacing them with new ones is often very troublesome. We need to “play games” with the vendors who recycle them. We also need to estimate the time and arrange for the master to install them at home. Especially for the children who want to replace their parents’ appliances but are not around their parents, they are more than willing to do so. Meanwhile, Jingdong takes this opportunity to launch a super category day of air conditioning with the theme of “new air, new life” for consumers, to meet the huge demand of home appliance renewal in the current market and provide consumers with convenient and worry free one-stop renewal service.


The highlight of this activity is that the old machine is not limited to service life, brand and product. For example, if you buy a new one, you can get a subsidy of 300 yuan for the old one and 450 yuan for the cabinet one; if you buy a new one, you can get a subsidy of 450 yuan for the old one and 600 yuan for the cabinet one. In addition, it is worth mentioning that users who participate in the trade-in of Jingdong air conditioner can enjoy the service of “free door-to-door, free machine dismantling” if they buy air conditioner products with the “trade-in” logo. In this way, young consumers not only satisfy their parents’ desire to buy new items, but the older generation also implement the concept of saving money by being careful. The manufacturers of Jingdong household appliances and brands have also gained sales volume and reputation, which can be called killing three birds with one stone!


How to trade the old for the new, or help the older generation in the family trade the old for the new? In fact, it’s very simple! Just follow the steps to complete: select the “trade in” product, enter the activity page through the trade in details / settlement page, upload the information of the old machine, directly deduct the old machine for the new discount, and then arrange the staff of JD to collect the old machine, complete the recovery, and deliver the new machine. Since the establishment of Jingdong health air conditioning alliance, all air conditioners sold on the platform have been audited. Only products that meet the standards of Jingdong health air conditioning series or provide relevant reports and certification can be displayed and sold. Therefore, the participating consumers can be relieved to replace, let alone worry about the elderly being cheated!


As for what products to buy? As an active promoter of the popularity of fresh air air conditioning market, Jingdong home appliances platform naturally needs high-quality and functional products. TCL’s smart fresh air conditioner, with its unique “little blue wing” technology, integrates multiple sensor recognition functions such as carbon dioxide content recognition, air cleanliness recognition, distance recognition, temperature recognition, humidity recognition, etc. it can detect the indoor environment at any time and protect the health of users. Moreover, it is also equipped with intelligent soft wind technology to protect the health of users with smooth laminar flow soft wind.


Casati’s Galaxy fresh air conditioner, through the five fold filtration, self-cleaning sterilization, realizes the whole room full space sterilization and oxygen purification fresh air, and through the full space temperature balancing fresh air, makes the fresh air zero temperature difference, so that the home life always has high quality healthy air and temperature and humidity.

For those who are interested in the above two products, please pay attention to the super category day of Jingdong air conditioner in time. During the event, TCL Lingxi smart fresh air air conditioner was purchased in limited quantity, and the price at hand was only 3499 yuan, and Casati’s Galaxy fresh air conditioner also had more surprise benefits, which made it more valuable to trade in the old for the new!

Health upgrade, new. Jingdong air conditioning super category hot open day, more benefits to you! In this activity, Jingdong not only brought a new service to save money and worry, but also prepared extra benefits such as 412 yuan God coupon, 999 yuan air conditioner super value second kill, and 1 yuan trial of fresh air conditioner. No matter you are changing or buying an air conditioner, you can come to Jingdong to find a suitable air conditioner product for you. What are you waiting for? Let’s start your healthy life!



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