For the 12th generation core: owl promises to provide lga1700 fastener

Intel just released the 11th generation of core processor, which is the product code named rocket lake-s. as the last generation of 14nm desktop processor, rocket lake-s updates the kernel and uses the newly designed cypress Cove micro architecture to replace skylake, which has been used for several years, so as to improve the same frequency performance (IPC) by 19%. But in the actual test, with the performance improvement, the performance of heat control is a bit unsatisfactory. In addition to the chip shortage and price hike that swept the world in the first half of the year, many players are looking forward to the 12th generation core processor of 10nm process released at the end of 2021.

Although the 12th generation of alder lake has not been officially released, Raja koduri, senior vice president of Intel, said in an interview with foreign media in 2020 that “alder lake is the largest architecture upgrade since the core 2 dual core in 2006, and its performance is very exciting.”.

The 12th generation of alder lake will upgrade the CPU socket from lga1200 to lga1700. The size of alder Lake processor has changed from a 37.5 * 37.5mm square that has lasted for many years to a 37.5 * 45mm rectangle. This makes many users say that they not only need to replace the new motherboard, but also need to replace the new radiator, so the update consumption is very large.

In order to solve the problem that users can use the heat sink compatible with the 12th generation core processor, owl, the representative manufacturer of the top air-cooled heat sink, replied: “due to NDA, we can’t disclose any details, but we are working hard. You can definitely continue to use the nh-u12a heat sink through the upgrade kit.” Nh-u12a is the fifth generation product of owl classic nh-u12 series. It is equipped with two nf-a12x25 fans and seven heat pipes. The radiator effect is among the best in the same level or even higher level air-cooled radiator. Moreover, it is compatible with AMD AM4 platform and Intel LGA 20XX hedt platform. The CPU size of LGA 20XX platform is 45 * 52.5mm, much larger than LGA 1700, so it is compatible with LGA 1700 is not a problem, just need to replace the new fastener.

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