From red envelope to quota

After the red envelope of consumption, digital RMB has ushered in a new way of playing. The lottery is for the qualification of digital RMB app to open an account, and the number is released to 500000 on a large scale. As long as the lottery is won, you can enjoy the additional preferential treatment of exclusive digital RMB payment method unlimited times during the activity period. However, this activity is still a routine test activity in the process of digital RMB research and development. In the view of analysts, compared with the previous issuance of digital RMB red packets, the number of users involved this time is larger, and the path of users in the process of using is longer, so it can also deepen the user’s sense of experience in the use of digital RMB.

从抢红包到抢名额 千万数字人民币上新

Expansion to 500000

On April 11, according to the official news released by Shenzhen, the “spring gift of digital RMB” activity in Luohu District of Shenzhen was launched from April 10 to 23. During the activity, users can use digital RMB to consume in designated merchants throughout the city. On the basis of the existing preferential policies of merchants, users can enjoy additional preferential policies of exclusive digital RMB payment method, with a total amount of 10 million yuan.

Beijing Business Daily reporter noted that the event was sponsored by the Luohu District government and jointly funded by the Luohu District government and the operating agencies under its jurisdiction, mainly for “digital RMB app” users.

People who have not downloaded the digital RMB app can make an appointment to sign up from 9:00 on April 10. From 18:00 on April 10 to 19, the organizers of the event draw 50000 lottery winners in the lottery pool, totaling 500000. From 10:00 on April 12 to 21, the organizers of the event push short messages to 50000 lottery winners and open the closing ceremony If the query port, no SMS notification, will automatically enter the next round of draw.

In addition, there are more than 30000 merchants in Shenzhen who have completed the transformation of the digital RMB system. Among them, the preferential merchants participating in this activity include China Resources Vanguard, Suning e-buy, Maoye department store, sun department store, ol é supermarket, BLT supermarket, Shenzhen book city, Gaga Xianyu, Helu sushi, Tang Palace, doctor glasses, Hongwen art, etc. there are 478 stores in the whole city, covering supermarket, catering, culture and other fields.

Beijing Business Daily reporter noted that in these designated businesses, you can enjoy unlimited exclusive digital RMB discounts, such as “10% discount for all orders”, “20% discount for 100” and “50% discount for 300”.

In addition, Shenzhen announced that at the end of 2017, with the approval of the State Council, the central bank organized some commercial banks and relevant institutions to jointly carry out the research and development of the digital RMB system. According to the pilot preparation of this activity, the project team led by six operating institutions, namely industry, agriculture, China Construction, transportation and postal savings, has the conditions to participate in this activity, and other participating institutions are accumulating Research and development.

A person in the industry said that this practice is more conducive to stimulating the public to use. “As the digital RMB is still in the pilot stage, it has not yet been fully spread out, and the citizens have not formed the habit of using it. There is a situation that the successful citizens do not use the digital RMB after using up their red envelopes. The way to enjoy the extra discount and unlimited number of times can stimulate the public to use it more, further enhance their activity, gradually form the habit of using it, and make it a daily means of payment, which is of great benefit to the development of digital RMB in the future. “

What’s the difference between red envelope and red envelope

In October 2020, the pilot of digital RMB red envelope was launched in Luohu for the first time. 47573 successful individuals used red envelope transactions, and many consumers even recharged their digital wallets. At that time, a number of analysts said that Shenzhen’s digital RMB red envelope pilot activity was completed more than expected, which was conducive to cultivating the public’s habit of using digital RMB and promoting the subsequent normal use of digital RMB.

It is worth paying attention to the return of the digital RMB pilot to Luohu. Su Xiaorui, a financial technology expert, said that on the one hand, Luohu District has a mature business ecology and complete infrastructure, and has excellent conditions in the pilot work of digital RMB, which is suitable for steadily expanding the scale of users and merchants on the basis of the previous pilot work; on the other hand, starting from Luohu District this time is not a simple repetition of the previous pilot process, but the courage to take up the responsibility Digital RMB is the “vanguard” of the users. Compared with the previous consumption bonus, the way of extra discount is more concise and clear. It is a new attempt and exploration of digital RMB in user operation and activity promotion.

“If the red envelope activity is to issue digital RMB cash, which can be used for threshold free consumption, so as to experience digital RMB payment, then this activity can be understood as a full reduction discount in digital RMB payment.” Yu Baicheng, President of zero one research institute, pointed out that in this activity, users need to recharge and exchange digital RMB after opening an account, and then consume to get exclusive discount. Therefore, this activity path increases the behavior of recharge, which makes the digital RMB test more in-depth.

Copy to other regions

Some analysts said that the previous consumption red envelope is a milestone in the implementation of digital RMB, and the new form of this additional discount has a positive significance in improving the frequency of use of digital RMB and the activity of stock users.

“The new play method of this activity is expected to be copied to other areas.” Su Xiaorui believes that at present, digital RMB pilot is mostly used for small amount and retail payment scenarios. In order to achieve good pilot results, “mass line” is undoubtedly one of the important tests faced by digital RMB. The “mass line” in the era of digital economy is to find ways to facilitate users and retain users. This time, Luohu District actively adopts a new strategy to directly face users, which will become the wind vane of digital RMB pilot. It is expected that more pilot areas will expand from point to point, from focusing on quantity to focusing on quality, so that digital RMB can penetrate into thousands of households, and make inclusive finance move towards a more sustainable development A broad road of development.

Yu Baicheng also said that in the future large-scale use of digital RMB, user recharge exchange is also a necessary link. Moreover, the scenario of “extra discount” is more feasible and replicable, which also makes the testing cost of digital RMB borne by the government, banks, merchants and other parties. The first mock exam in Luohu District will soon follow up in other regions.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Yue Pinyu Liu Sihong

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