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Logistics, health, enterprise service, science and Technology Jingdong keeps on playing new cards. Recently, Jingdong has launched its own housekeeping service online, mainly focusing on daily cleaning service. The cleaners are self-trained by Jingdong and are only open to some areas of Beijing. In the extensive growth of the industry, high-quality supply and storage gap, can housekeeping become a new pole of Jingdong? In addition, how can housekeeping be highly related to the main retail business like health and logistics is also a problem to be considered.

Self endorsement

The imagination of the service industry is huge, and Internet enterprises are naturally unwilling to lag behind. As a result, the home cleaning business has been endorsed by Jingdong. Beijing Business Daily reporter learned that Jingdong recently launched the new business of “Jingdong housekeeping”. Search “Jingdong housekeeping” in Jingdong app, and relevant business pages will appear directly. At present, there is no “Jingdong housekeeping” independent app in the app store.

It is understood that Jingdong housekeeping business includes basic cleaning services, and the charging standard is 150 yuan / 3 hours. The service page shows that during the epidemic period, the cleaners have implemented temperature monitoring, green code verification, household disinfection and other measures. In addition, in addition to self-service, Jingdong housekeeping independently trains cleaners. At present, the business is only open to parts of Beijing.

Tianyancha information shows that in October last year, Beijing Jingdong sanbaishidou e-commerce Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Jingdong group) applied for the trademark of “Jingdong Jiazheng”. At present, the trademark is waiting for substantive examination. As for the trademark application, the relevant person in charge of Jingdong also replied at that time that Jingdong had the intention to develop domestic business, and launched its own domestic business in the first half of this year.

Beijing Business Daily reporter inquired about a piece of information about “Jingdong housekeeping direct recruitment of family cleaning”, which requires that the age of 20-50 years old, skilled use of smart phones, good health, etc., the income is 43 yuan per hour, and the average monthly income is 7000-9000 yuan. The reporter contacted the person in charge who released the recruitment information. The person in charge said that the distribution range of Jingdong housekeeping is within 5 kilometers. At present, only cleaners are recruited, but the monthly sister-in-law, child care sister-in-law and living nanny are not recruited.

Focus on “service” revenue

Whether it’s financial report or business end, recently, Jingdong has attracted people’s attention to “service revenue”. In March this year, according to the financial report for 2020 released by Jingdong, the service revenue of Jingdong has risen to 93.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 42%, and the proportion of service revenue has risen to 14.3%. Compared with 2013, Jingdong’s revenue from services is only 2.3 billion yuan, and now it has achieved dozens of times growth.

Compared with the growth of total revenue, the composition of Jingdong’s service revenue has also changed greatly. In 2017, less than 17% of Jingdong’s net service revenue came from logistics and other services. In 2020, the proportion of revenue from logistics and other services has increased to 43%.

With Jingdong’s plot of business “transformation” and its pursuit of income diversity, the stock market naturally attracts e-commerce giants. In its financial report, Jingdong pointed out that it continued to promote the supply chain based technology and service strategy, and constantly enriched the diversity of the company’s revenue.

Wang Chikun, an independent economist, pointed out that at this stage, the development dividend of e-commerce has disappeared, and the growth of main retail business is weak. The struggle between giants in the limited stock market is not to grow together, but to increase and decrease. It is difficult to achieve high growth only by operating the “powerless” main business. Enterprises are competing at the strategic level to carry out multiple product iterations, multiple entrepreneurship and multiple mergers and acquisitions.

Hidden Reef

Jingdong’s move towards self-supporting housekeeping also signals that Internet enterprises are marching into the housekeeping industry. After independent splitting and obtaining multiple financing, the business changed its name to “Swan home” and took self-supporting housekeeping as its main business. In 2019, 58 will launch “home selection” in the same city and start “platform business” of domestic service. Suning e-buy has already launched Suning help customers also include housekeeping business.

At this stage, the lack of standardized training and management of the domestic industry is where the dividend, but also hidden development reef. Enterprises will focus on home economics, but if they want to open up the market and become famous, they have to avoid the reef.

Zhang Xiaorong, President of deep science and Technology Research Institute, analyzes that when the growth of traditional Internet industry is weak, they habitually rush into the traditional industries with low innovation content, looking for new growth points. The entry of Jingdong may challenge the old network platform, which may play a positive role in optimizing the order of the domestic industry.

Wang Chikun said that the enterprise itself has no business gene, and the introduction of self operated housekeeping by Jingdong may not be the “best arrangement”. “Jingdong can try its capital strategy to buy shares or merge companies or projects with housekeeping genes, and introduce the existing resources and flow into the merger and acquisition companies, so as to realize the empowerment of technical services.” Wang Chikun said.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Wang Weiyi

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