The annual launching meeting of Jinniu hi play shopping group was successfully held

At the beginning of spring, everything is new. On March 3, the 2021 annual launching meeting of hiplay Group officially kicked off. The president of the group, Mr. Xie Yongchang, together with all the staff and business partners of the company, witnessed the conference. The kick-off meeting was successfully held in Quanzhou haisiboya hotel with the theme of “2021 · together with cattle”!

The conference starts with DJ and encouragement


Hi, playmaker


Hi play shopping group is an innovative and diversified business group company with the core of building a global children’s multi brand industry + online and offline Omni channel new retail mode. At present, it operates high quality and high price fashion boutique children’s wear brand Royal Tongyuan hostoyo, Nordic designer children’s life brand MOMOCO (Mamika), light fashion life brand banner Kids (zebra) and hiwango, the brand of children’s products collection store, are involved in children’s clothing, children’s shoes, parent-child clothing, fine matching, parent-child interaction, children’s education, children’s health, children’s intelligence, etc., gradually forming a complete ecological chain platform for children’s industry.

In 2021, hiplay group will increase investment, cultivate deeply in the field, and promote brand development. This launching conference symbolizes that hiplay group has officially sounded the clarion call for a new journey in 2021! At the conference, President Xie delivered a speech on stage, summarizing and reviewing 2020, and sharing the development direction and important business measures of the group in 2021.

Looking back on 2020 to achieve growth against the trend

In 2020, in the adversity of the epidemic situation, hiplay Group actively explores the growth mode, makes strategic adjustments in the two modules of channels and commodities, finds business opportunities in the crisis, and further promotes the group to break the situation and realize adverse growth. The annual revenue has increased by 52% on a month on month basis, and is on the fast track of development.


Seize the opportunity in 2021

At the conference, general manager Xie summarized the key points of development in the new year – consolidating the achievements, continuous innovation and accurate layout. At the same time, it also puts forward the strategic core and six development measures of “focusing on talents, multi brand, new retail”. In the new year, hiplay shopping will comprehensively improve the digital intelligence system and supply chain system, upgrade the organizational structure, and promote the development of brand building and IP projects. President Xie’s speech pointed out the direction for the next work of the enterprise, and enhanced the confidence and enthusiasm of hiplay shopping people.


Set a military order, mission will be achieved

At the kick-off meeting, the leaders of each war zone and branch company took the stage to sign the military order, and read out the military order sonorously and forcefully, “go all out, don’t win the whole victory, never stop the army, it is bound to achieve the target of 2021…” The oath resounded through the hall, full of passion and confidence. Every oath embodies commitment and courage, and every signed military order is an invincible goal and belief. Military orders are like a mountain, a promise of thousands of gold, mission will be achieved, will live up to expectations!


Writ of flag and army


Sing enterprise song “faith”


Drink happily and attack with all strength

Concentrate on creating brilliance together

At the end of the conference, the dynamic circle interaction is used to draw a perfect ending. Hi play buy people unite as one, try their best to hold up the rope together, let the leading colleagues walking on the rope arrive at the end smoothly, only with the input of the rope puller and the trust of the rope walker, can the activity be successfully completed. In the work is also the case, all hi play buy people trust each other, work together, can continue to overcome problems, create brilliant.



In the new year, a new starting point, I believe that all the people of hiplay will uphold the 18-year-old mentality and vitality, give full play to the spirit of “newborn calves are not afraid of tigers”, and work together to make hiplay group bigger and stronger.



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