Why does zhenhun street become a hot spot in the game market

Guoman’s zhenhun street is not only favored by many animation fans, but also becomes the favorite of the game market. A number of authorized new games have been officially tested or waiting to go online. Before that, “zhenhun Street” was often linked with other mobile games.

It is undeniable that zhenhun street has helped itself become a hot spot in the game market through its fans accumulated by animation works. However, the differentiation of word-of-mouth in new online games also means that how to realize the dual demands of fans and players is still an area that needs to be explored continuously.

Authorized new tour moves continuously

The market scale of IP adapted games is increasing year by year. Many popular IP has become the favorite in the game market. They have carried out all kinds of linkage and adaptation. Guoman IP zhenhun street is one of them.

Public information shows that the mobile game zhenhun Street: wushenshou, authorized by Guoman zhenhun street, was officially launched in March this year. As of April 11, although the game has been launched for less than a month, it has attracted many players’ attention and download. According to the data of taptap and Huawei’s application market, “zhenhun Street: wushenshou” was downloaded 179700 times and 320000 times respectively. In addition, according to Qimai’s data, the game ranked 19th and 17th respectively in the free list of iPhone and iPad card mobile games.

This year, the game “new body, new soul Street” is in the process of meeting with fans.

In December last year, it was announced that China mobile game and youyaoqi had formally reached a strategic cooperation. Among them, China mobile game will obtain the priority of game adaptation rights for several head IP works including zhenhun street, and disclosed that ARPG mobile game zhenhun Street: born to be king has started research and development. In the 2020 financial report recently released by China Mobile Games, the name of “zhenhun Street: born to be king” reappears and is listed in the list of game products planned to be launched in 2021. According to taptap, the number of bookings for the game has exceeded 250000.

There is no doubt that the emergence of a number of authorized new Tours has excited the original IP fans, which is also a common thing in the eyes of some practitioners. And IP zhenhun street has been linked with other game works long before Xinyou went online. For example, the game Tianyu was linked with zhenhun street, and the exclusive plot “zhenhun startles the world” was launched. In addition, games such as Shumen hand tour and the chronicles of the young three kingdoms were linked with IP zhenhun street by introducing characters and adding some plots or scenes, which caused a heated discussion at that time.

Common attributes become inducement

The popularity of IP zhenhun street in the game market depends on the audience influence of the IP itself.

Since the comic “zhenhun Street” was serialized in 2010, although ten years have passed, it has always been a popular work in Guoman market. It still ranks first in the list of glamorous boutiques. At the same time, the total number of hits of the comic has also reached 5.036 billion, which is very popular.

In addition to comic books, the IP has also been adapted in other fields. Taking animation works as an example, the first season of zhenhun street, which was launched in 2016, has received 450 million plays on BiliBili at this stage, and the number of fans of the series has reached 7.494 million. Although the second season of zhenhun street, which was launched in 2019, was temporarily suspended due to poor audience feedback, it has now reached 180 million times in BiliBili, and the second season of animation has been determined to be replayed in May this year, which makes the popularity of the animation increasing.

“One of the advantages of IP adapted games is the audience base, and this audience base is not only to let the game be known by the target audience faster, but also has the opportunity to further expand the audience through the communication among the target audience, and the exposure of game products will also be improved.” Game industry analyst Zhao Yong said.

The popularity of IP itself has become the foreshadowing for game products to enter the market, and the content theme of zhenhun Street itself is also a popular type in the game market. In Zhao Yong’s opinion, “zhenhun Street cartoon itself has the attribute of youth’s blood, and it also integrates the color of magic. Moreover, both cartoon and game belong to the two-dimensional market, with some audiences who like the same, so it will become the IP adaptation object that the game market is willing to choose.”.

Eliminate word of mouth disputes and eliminate hidden dangers

Although IP linkage and authorization are frequent, some game products still face controversy in public praise. Taking “zhenhun Street: wushenshou” as an example, many players think that the game is too krypton gold and lack of play design. In taptap and Huawei application markets, the score of the game is 4.7 and 3 respectively.

Mr. Ding, a player, told Beijing Business Daily that “now many games want players to pay, but the setting of” zhenhun Street: wushenshou “is too krypton gold, and the rate of drawing cards is low. If you don’t charge money, it’s hard to continue to play, upgrade and obtain game materials.”.

According to the feedback of players’ experience, Beijing business daily contacted the game side, but as of press, no response has been received from the other side. On the relevant platform, the customers of the game have replied to some game players, saying, “for krypton gold, there are many welfare activities in the game, copies and other materials are given away, more active activities and benefits are being developed, and the real-time arena has also added benefits. You can get a lot of rewards for free participation. In addition, we are also increasing the production of various resources and benefits “Out”.

According to the “2020-2021 mobile game IP market development report” previously released by Gamma data, in recent years, the revenue scale of IP adapted Games has continued to grow. In the field of mobile games alone, it has increased from 74.56 billion yuan in 2017 to 124.33 billion yuan in 2020, breaking through the scale of 100 billion yuan. In 2021, the revenue scale is expected to exceed 140 billion yuan. At the present stage, the scale of mobile game IP core users is more than 150 million, the scale of Pan users is more than 180 million, more than 60% of IP users have stable payment habits, and the proportion of high paying IP users is higher.

Li Jie, researcher of the digital cultural and creative industry think tank, believes that IP adaptation is popular in many fields, especially in the cultural and entertainment market. The linkage and adaptation of IP are more intensive, which is also mining the greater market value of content. There is no good or bad definition for IP itself. The key lies in the operation of developers and reformers. Through proper operation and the launch of high-quality products, the gold content of IP can be further improved If we fail to find the market demand and launch high-quality products, the audience’s eyes are bright and will automatically distinguish and choose whether to give up.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Zheng Rui

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