GT Neo 2000 yuan genuine fragrance machine

Jiquan tide brand realme’s first Tianji 1200 flagship zhenwo GT Neo was officially put on sale on April 8. On the day of sale, the whole network sales exceeded 100 million in 10 seconds, and the first Omni channel sales exceeded 100 thousand units. At the same time, it became the top seller of single product sales and sales of Jingdong, tmall, Suning and Huantai mall, and the popularity continued to rise.

轻松剁手无压力 真我GT Neo两千元档真香机

My GT Neo is highly praised

As the second product of realme GT series and the first flagship product of Tianji 1200, realme GT Neo and realme GT form a dual platform and dual flagship lineup. With a comprehensive breakthrough in cost performance, performance and design, realme GT Neo has become a veritable “flagship shooter”.

轻松剁手无压力 真我GT Neo两千元档真香机

At present, the first batch of user reviews of zhenwo GT Neo have been published, including praise for the final fantasy color matching, high color value, double 5g fast and smooth network experience, strong performance and high frame rate stable game performance of Tianji 1200, 4500mAh Battery + 50W smart flash charging, fast and safe life, and the starting selling price of 1799 yuan, calling it the most valuable Zhenxiang flagship of 2000 yuan. These favorable comments continue to spread, also let more young consumers will be my GT Neo as the first choice for replacement.

Fashion design leads the final fantasy to meet the expectation of beauty

GT Neo is undoubtedly a fashion flagship with a strong sense of design. It is the first time to combine realmelogo with slogan’s “dead to leap” brand to create a brand new box logo design and express the brand concept of “dare to leap”.

轻松剁手无压力 真我GT Neo两千元档真香机

At the same time, real GT Neo extracts the most popular cyberpunk culture in the science fiction culture of generation Z, integrates cyberpunk style elements into the industrial design, and brings “Final Fantasy”, “geek silver” and “hacker black” three fashion colors. In particular, the “Final Fantasy” color matching, with orange and blue as the main colors, perfectly interprets cyber’s sense of technology and highlights the personality and attitude of young people through a special micron level matte manufacturing process.

轻松剁手无压力 真我GT Neo两千元档真香机

Ultimate performance: Tianji 1200 releases flagship performance

Our GT Neo is equipped with the flagship processor Tianji 1200 of MediaTek, which adopts 6nm process. Compared with 7Nm process, the transistor density increases by 18%, with higher performance and lower power consumption. CPU adopts 1 + 3 + 4 flagship triple plex architecture design, including an arm cortex-a78 super large core with dominant frequency up to 3.0GHz. With nine core GPU and dual channel UFS 3.1, the overall performance is greatly improved and the performance is very eye-catching.

轻松剁手无压力 真我GT Neo两千元档真香机

In the latest version of Antu V9, the score of zhenwo GT Neo is close to 710000. The frame rate test of mainstream games such as “peace elite” and “glory of the king” is also smooth. With the 3D tempered liquid cooling system, it also brings good temperature control performance. The blessing of Tianji 1200 has also greatly upgraded the 5g communication ability of zhenwo GT Neo. The full blood experience of dual 5g online at the same time is also highly praised by consumers. At the same time, it supports dual carrier aggregation to achieve faster network connection speed.

With 4500mAh large battery and 50W smart flash charging, zhenwo GT Neo can charge half of the power in 16 minutes. It has no pressure for daily use for more than one day. Moreover, such battery life combination is rare in mobile phones of the same gear.

Flagship experience blessing real GT Neo

If only to achieve a breakthrough in appearance and performance, it can only be regarded as qualified, and the real GT Neo is obviously not satisfied with this. In order to let more consumers enjoy a comprehensive flagship experience, I GT Neo is not biased.

Continuing the innovative GT mode of real me GT, real me GT Neo can also release wild performance with one click, fully open 120Hz high brush, run in full scene performance mode, fully optimize high frame rate games, and let users experience the peak performance of Android flagship.

轻松剁手无压力 真我GT Neo两千元档真香机

Real me GT Neo is equipped with 64 million ultra clear wide angle three camera, so that consumers can record wonderful moments anytime, anywhere. The main camera is equipped with Sony imx682 sensor, 1 / 1.73 inch, equivalent focal length of 26mm, single pixel can reach 1.6 μ m through pixel four in one technology; 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens, supporting 119 ° viewing angle range, accommodating a broad world; the new generation of pure Raw night scene algorithm can effectively and automatically remove bad points, AI noise reduction, easily retain the bright night scene; super dark video 2.0 intelligent recognition of scene light, easy smooth and stable shooting of night scene blockbuster. There are also 16 million ultra wide angle selfie lenses, which support super night scenes of portraits, progressive virtualization and other functions, bringing a self portrait experience with rich details and moving colors.

轻松剁手无压力 真我GT Neo两千元档真香机

Not only that, the 120Hz super AMOLED electronic competition screen, Dolby panoramic sound + stereo double lift, linear motor, fingerprint under the screen, multi-functional NFC, 3.5mm headphone interface, supplemented by realme UI 2.0, also make the real GT Neo experience more comprehensive.

With cool design, extreme performance and comprehensive experience, real GT Neo once again perfectly interprets the brand concept of realme: to provide young users around the world with technology products with leapfrog performance and trendy play design. Moreover, the price advantage of real GT Neo is unique. The starting price of 1799 is very attractive to both the student party and the white-collar workers. It’s easy to cut hands without pressure! If you are interested in this 2000 file mobile phone, don’t miss it.



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