A have a look! Rocknews launches rx6700xt public card

Powercolor recently launched the rx6700xt public version card, a 2K level game graphics card with dual fan design.


Powercolor rx6700xt graphics card is based on 7Nm process technology and AMD rDNA 2 architecture. The graphics card based on AMD rDNA 2 architecture has been optimized to provide real-time lighting, shadow and reflection effects through DirectX ray tracing (DXR), bringing more realistic game images.

At present, the performance of rx6700xt graphics card has not been lifted, and the initial price has not been announced.

It is widely speculated that the competing product of rx6700xt will be Huang’s rtx3060ti. Of course, the rx6700xt can only be compared with the rtx3060 in terms of performance.

Author: Zhang Fan



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