The layout of Jingzhi liquor industry is diversified

Under the change of nongqing Maotai flavor, regional liquor enterprises have also started the road of diversified product layout. On April 12, Beijing business daily learned from Jingzhi liquor industry that Jingzhi liquor’s product Jingjiang 15 won the annual new product award of “Qingzuo Award” at the 16th China International Liquor Expo. In addition, at the just concluded spring sugar fair, a reporter from Beijing Business Daily found that Jingzhi liquor exhibited a variety of flavor products such as Jingzhi, Jingjiang, Jingzhi micro wine, etc.

It is worth noting that Jingzhi liquor, as a leading liquor enterprise, has always used sesame flavor as its banner and led Lu Jiu to develop Chai flavor liquor. However, with the popularity of Maotai flavor, Jingzhi liquor industry continued to export the concept of Zhixiang, and also launched other flavor categories such as Maotai wine. According to the analysis of the industry, different flavor Baijiu is a manifestation of meeting and meeting the needs of different consumers. The growth of Chai flavor Baijiu is relatively small. Therefore, the diversification of Jingzhi flavor is inevitable.

Diversified product layout

During the period, there were many kinds of personalized products, such as Jingzhi, Jingzhi, etc.

Liu Quanping, chairman of Jingzhi wine industry, said in his theme salon, “Chinese Baijiu flavor”, “Jingzhi” has persisted in the high-end way of Chichi for many years, excavated the high-end value of Zhi Xiang, and won a loyal consumer group with its unique products, brand and unique category characteristics. At the same time, over the years, Jingzhi has been cultivating and leading consumers by telling good quality stories and high-end brand stories of Zhixiang.

In addition to the traditional Zhixiang products, Jingzhi liquor also introduced the creative IP Product “Jingzhi micro liquor” in this spring sugar. This product is different from the traditional bottled wine, the outer packaging is more similar to cigarettes, a box of 20, a 2ml, positioning young, fashionable.

At the mobile phone, the Beijing Business Daily reporter saw the red voice “smile and stars”, “old song’s 23 tiktok” and so on. Meanwhile, the head of Jingzhi wine, Zhao Po language, entered the sound room, introducing the flavor characteristics and taste methods of Jingzhi tiktok.

China Baijiu Baijiu also brushed its face in the related activities of sauce and wine, and participated in the first China Association of high quality development of Maotai flavor liquor T20, China’s liquor dragon hair development trend Summit Forum and other related business forum activities, including 2021 Chinese Maotai flavor liquor brand T20.

At today’s Jingzhi dealer conference, Liu Quanping told the dealers that he would make full use of the layout and precipitation of the four flavor types of “Zhixiang, Luzhou Xiang, Qingxiang and Maotai Xiang” in Jingzhi liquor industry over the years to empower the dealers’ partners.

Consumption demand upgrading

Zhixiang is Jingzhi’s “white moonlight”, but under the background of the new round of consumption upgrading, Jingzhi almost has a layout in many kinds of flavor types of “nongqing sauce”. During the spring sugar period, Jingzhi participated in several forums, and the discussion of diversified and personalized consumption demand gave the answer to the diversified layout of Jingzhi.

On the theme of salon, the theme of Chinese Baijiu flavor consumption, Wang Zhaocheng, chairman of Sheng Chu group, said that Zhi Xiang and Maotai flavor are sisters fragrance, and the technology has the similarities. Chi Xiang also has the essence of three flavors, namely, sauce, thick and clear. In addition, the high rise of soy sauce wine is due to the difference and comfort. Therefore, Baijiu flavor is not the essence, the uniqueness, diversity and comfort after the fragrance are the consumers really value.

Liu Zhenguo, Deputy Secretary General of China Liquor Industry Association, said that due to the differentiation and diversification of consumer demand, there are a variety of flavor layout, and each flavor has a fixed consumer group. Based on different groups, there is a diversified product structure.

At a sugar and wine conference, a dealer told the Beijing daily news that consumers’ perception of Baijiu style is still good, so quality is always the first priority. At the same time, today’s consumers prefer uniqueness and sense of experience, so differentiation selling point can enhance brand value, and strong sense of brand output experience can bring sales.

Zhu danpeng, an analyst of China’s food industry, summed up the inevitability of Jingzhi’s diversified layout with “five strategies”. Zhu danpeng said that the five multi strategy is to lay out multi brand, multi category, multi scene, multi-channel and multi consumer groups, and the core is to break through the ceiling of their own performance. As far as Jingzhi is concerned, the growth space is relatively small relying on the original “three parts per mu” of sesame flavor, so the diversification of flavor type is an inevitable development trend.

Looking for the future of capital

Jingzhi liquor industry is not only the leading enterprise of sesame flavor, but also shoulders the mission of revitalizing Shandong liquor. Therefore, in the future market growth, Jingzhi liquor industry is more than diversified layout, and the burden of “Lu liquor first share” urges it to continue to explore the capitalization operation.

In March this year, it was reported that Tian Qingying, Secretary of Weifang Municipal Party committee and mayor of Shandong Province, met with Hou Xiaohai, Secretary of the Party committee, chairman and general manager of China Resources snowflake beer (China) Co., Ltd. and his party. The two sides had in-depth exchanges on the cooperation between China Resources beer and Jingzhi liquor industry.

It is understood that as early as April 2018, Jingzhi liquor had put forward a listing plan, and then did not reach cooperation with Jinshiyuan for two years. In January this year, Jingzhi liquor and St Yaxing, a local listed company in Weifang, were stranded only one week after the announcement of restructuring.

In this regard, industry insiders said that the efforts of Jingzhi liquor industry in capitalization, on the one hand, are actively exploring new ways to carry out business transformation and upgrading, and seek to dock with the capital market, so as to improve profitability; on the other hand, with the help of the influence of listed companies, Jingzhi liquor industry’s brand influence and market influence are enhanced, so as to promote industrial development.

Baijiu marketing expert Xiao Zhuqing believes that Huarun group has a relatively large industrial foundation, including Huarun beer and its commercial retail chain system, all of which can give the Jingzhi wine industry a national development. But now Jingzhi liquor industry is still only “Jingzhi liquor industry in Weifang”, and has not completed the deep layout of Shandong Province. In the future, deep cultivation in the province is the first step for Jingzhi liquor industry to become bigger and stronger.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Zhao Dan

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