The theme of tomb raiding is still hot for a long time

The hot wind of tomb robbery has been blowing for several years, but it is still blowing for a long time. Only now, not only has the newly launched animation “notes on Tomb robberies Qinling sacred tree” achieved 180 million times of play in three episodes online, but also the movie “guardian of the golden ring” adapted from the novel of the same name by Tianxia Bachang has started booking on the video platform.

According to public information, “Tomb raiding notes Qinling sacred tree” is the first animated work of IP “Tomb raiding notes”, with a total of 12 episodes. As soon as it goes online, it has attracted the attention of all parties, and its popularity continues to rise. As of 16:30 on April 12, “Tomb robber notes Qinling sacred tree” has only three episodes of positive content online, but according to the data of Tencent video app, a unicast platform, the cumulative broadcast volume of the animation has reached 180 million times, and ranked 12th in the Guoman ranking list with 8.194 million heat value.

On the other hand, the guardian of touch gold Jue, which is waiting to go online, is also of great origin. It is an adaptation of the novel of the same name created by Tianxia Bachang. Since the movie was launched in September last year, it has continued to become the focus of grave robbers fans. Recently, after Tencent video, the independent broadcasting platform, started its appointment, its attention has been increasing day by day. The pilot notice, which lasts less than one minute, has achieved a broadcast volume of more than one million.

“The theme of tomb raiding has always been a hot topic in recent years, and there are more or less tomb raiding works in the popular movies and TV plays every year.” Director Huang Zhiyong believes that due to the bizarre and thrilling features of tomb robbery theme, and the unique mystery of the theme itself, it has become a powerful tool to attract the audience, not to mention the loyal fans of classic IP, so that this kind of theme never lacks popularity.

In addition, according to the screenwriter Zhao Tong, tomb theft has become the target of many companies after the fire. At this stage, it is also one of the basic content types of many platforms. Many influential actors have joined in and played related roles. With the help of the market, combined with the attraction of this kind of theme to the audience, this hot wind can last for several years .

There is no doubt that the theme of tomb robbery is hot, but behind the hot is the polarized market feedback of related works, which also adds a lot of “false fire” to this market.

“In fact, careful observation of tomb raiding themes shows that although the popularity is high, the adaptations of ghost blowing lamp and tomb raiding notes IP are still able to capture the audience and the market. Every time a new action appears, it will get a higher degree of attention. Few other works with similar themes can get the same popularity.” Huang Zhiyong said.

Zhao Tong believes that, on the one hand, due to the weak influence of the content itself, it has failed to form the market attention of IP such as ghost blowing lamp and tomb raiding notes; on the other hand, it also contains some rough works, the plot design is also lack of logic, and there are even works with tomb raiding theme, but in fact, there are not too many works related to the theme, such as No better market feedback.

In the view of Sun Yu, a TV critic, tomb raiding works at this stage have gradually produced creative restrictions. Even if there are new works, you can often see other IP figures, or the plot logic is similar, or the design of the characters in the play is the same, which makes the homogenization more serious and affects people’s viewing experience, leading to a more obvious market competition Feedback polarization.

It is undeniable that most of the core content products of tomb raiding theme are based on the ghost blowing lamp and tomb raiding notes created by Tianxia Bachang and Nanpai Sanshu respectively. Other related works may have the possibility of being too hot, or just to catch up with the tide, which leads to poor quality and can not escape the criticism of shoddy manufacturing.

Sun Yu believes that “although the two major IPS have great market influence, it does not mean that there is no other high-quality content. Relevant companies still need to go out of the scope of the two works and explore more diversified works to enrich the theme market. In addition, originality is also the key to find vitality. Without originality, the future development of this kind of theme can only rely on its old roots, and the continuous consumption will eventually usher in the day when the energy is exhausted. “.

Beijing Business News (reporter Zheng Rui)

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