Seizing the high land of value, JD home appliances help air conditioning industry blow “new wind”

In the past 2020, the air conditioning industry has experienced a turbulent year under the multiple challenges of price war, energy efficiency war and health war. With the improvement of domestic economy, the air conditioning industry also ushered in a turnaround. Now the rebound continues.

Multiple benefits, high end air conditioning market development press “fast forward”

After the baptism of COVID-19, people’s awareness of home health has reached an unprecedented height, and they have begun to pay more attention to healthy household appliances.

This change is also reflected in the consumption structure of the air-conditioning market. Jingdong data shows that after the epidemic, the proportion of air-conditioning products with high temperature sterilization, easy disassembly and washing and other consumer demands rises month by month, and consumers are still willing to pay despite the high price. In addition, paying attention to the comfort of air conditioning is still the continuous selling point of the industry. Various concepts such as “no wind”, “zero wind”, “double cycle soft wind” mainly focus on cooling but not cold, and not blowing people directly, which solve the problem of “air conditioning disease” to users.

In fact, health and comfort are the general trend of air conditioning market in recent years, but the epidemic has catalyzed the development speed of this trend. The reason is that from the point of view of the demand side, it is driven by the consumption concept. Users are no longer rigid demand-oriented, but gradually transition to quality-oriented.

From the current air conditioning consumer market, with the post-85s and post-90s becoming the main consumption force in the market, price is no longer the main factor affecting the purchase of air conditioning, and consumers pay more attention to product appearance, function, fashion trend, energy conservation and health. We found that in the air conditioning market, in recent two years, high-end products that bring users better experience in temperature, humidity, wind sense and other aspects are becoming a new favorite in the market.

If we say that in the past decade, air conditioning is no longer a luxury, and the penetration rate of air conditioning market has increased significantly, then in the next decade, high-end air conditioning with intelligence, energy saving and health will usher in rapid development, catalyzing the upgrading of industrial structure and stepping into the fast lane of development.

From the perspective of national policy, the “visible hand” of the government is also providing market space for the growth of high-end air conditioning and accelerating the popularization of high-end air conditioning.

In 2021, the government work report pointed out that “steady increase in bulk consumption of automobiles and household appliances”, focusing on “naming” household appliances consumption, air conditioning as a family necessity will usher in new opportunities. From the supply side, China’s air conditioning enterprises actively respond to the national energy conservation, environmental protection and other related policies, and actively take the road of high-quality development. While accelerating the transformation and upgrading of air-conditioning enterprises, national policies objectively guide the air-conditioning enterprises to transform in advance in order to maintain the power of sustainable development.

In addition, the meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee put forward the idea of speeding up the formation of “a new development pattern with domestic circulation as the main body and domestic and international double circulation promoting each other”. In this regard, Jiang Feng, executive director of China household electrical appliances association, said that its core is to further expand domestic demand. “Modern life cannot do without air conditioning. Existing policy support stimulates market vitality, and enterprises have the power to constantly innovate to meet new demands. Therefore, we are full of confidence in China’s air conditioning market.”.

In addition, it is particularly worth mentioning that with the formal implementation of the “most stringent” air conditioning new energy efficiency policy, the air conditioning industrial structure has been accelerated to upgrade. The data shows that in 2020, the retail sales of Q4 line down conversion products will account for more than 95%, and the market will enter the era of full frequency conversion.

In short, the rise of high-end air conditioning represents the consumption upgrading of high-quality life and is becoming a new driving force to stimulate air conditioning consumption, which also reflects the trend of China’s air conditioning market: with the increase of the proportion of air conditioning with high energy efficiency product structure and the dividend drive of consumption upgrading, high-end air conditioning is becoming the general trend.

Promote the new home, Jingdong cooperate with air conditioning enterprises to help upgrade the industrial structure

We know that the development of enterprises needs the support of profits. At present, the cost of raw materials has been gradually raised, and it is unlikely to be reduced in the short term. It is profitable to seek new cost advantages and enhance the ability of product premium. To promote high-end products, the focus is to make consumers willing to pay for these more valuable new products.

According to the big data of Jingdong platform, sterilization health, personalized customization, intelligent sensing, energy conservation and environmental protection have become the high-frequency “Keywords” of air conditioning consumption, and the consumption upgrading trend is obvious. From the perspective of category function, fresh air conditioning with health, purification and oxygen supply functions has become a “dark horse” trend, which has become a new outlet to meet the healthy breathing needs of consumers and promote the growth of air conditioning market.

It can be seen that the current air conditioning market is in an important stage of high value product growth and incubation. Recently, Jingdong, together with Hisense, TCL air conditioning, Casati, Xiaomi and other air conditioning enterprises, released new air conditioning products.

It is worth noting that most of these fresh air air conditioning products are based on the big data of Jingdong platform consumption, and are launched in the c2m reverse customization of Jingpin household appliances sector. They are jointly developed and customized by both sides with the healthy breathing needs of users as the core, so as to help consumers realize “healthy air freedom”.

Under the stock market, JD home appliances intends to actively tap and meet the needs of consumers, stimulate new consumption with new demands, reduce costs and improve efficiency for the production end of air-conditioning enterprises, and quickly achieve the business model of “new instant explosive products”.

It is the round after round of category iteration and value upgrading that continuously meets the health needs of users, makes them loyal fans of quality consumption, and also drives the air-conditioning enterprises, making the latter insist on high-end transformation without hesitation.

In the view of people in the industry, Jingdong household appliances has led the air conditioning brand to find new markets and new growth, and has become the main position for the brand to release high-value new technology products. It can be said that from operating products to operating users, JD home appliances helps high-quality consumption and promotes the growth of air conditioning market.

Nowadays, in the era of developing domestic circulation and expanding domestic consumption, high-end quality is expected to become the key direction of policy support in the future. Therefore, the structural upgrading of air conditioning industry assisted by Jingdong household appliances not only meets the demand of terminal consumption, but also captures the opportunity of the times, continuously helps the value transformation of the industry, and makes contributions to economic growth and people’s pursuit of a better life.



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