Cloud rental apartment layout centralized rental market

In recent years, with the continuous pursuit of “high efficiency” and “intensive” in social development, the continuous concentration of industrial development and the continuous integration of social resources, the social population structure has also changed. Cloud rent apartment has observed that more and more people flow into the first and second tier cities and into the industrial cluster areas, forming the backbone of urban and regional development.

Cloud rent believes that the comprehensive needs of social development lead to the orderly change of economic and industrial structure, and then lead to the gradual optimization of population structure. Under the background of today’s new era, with the continuous improvement of people’s quality and the continuous refinement of people’s demand, it is inevitable to form new market requirements for long-term rental market products, and cloud rent centralized long-term rental apartments emerge as the times require.

Cloud rent outlines the value standard and achieves the upgrading of long-term rent market services

With the guidance of national policies such as “housing without speculation”, “rent and purchase simultaneously” and the pursuit of domestic venture capital, cloud rent has observed that the long-term rent market has shown a blowout development, resulting in a variety of long-term rent apartment operation modes and products. In the context of the new era, with the continuous refinement of market development demand, the efficient and intensive advantages of centralized long-term rental apartments are gradually highlighted

First, the comprehensive satisfaction of property services.

Cloud rent believes that the centralized long-term rent apartment itself has the basic conditions to achieve unified property management services, which is difficult to have in the decentralized mode. Relying on the unified management of the whole or several floors of the property, we can create an integrated check-in experience, lay out the property functions horizontally and extend the new services vertically, so that the conventional security, cleaning and maintenance services can be guaranteed. At the same time, we can also make it possible to provide new services such as agent driving, pet foster care and special crowd care. Form a set of “five dimension” property service system standards with “breadth of function, depth of service, speed of response, attitude of feedback and strength of management”. Cloud rent believes that this is a comprehensive upgrade of the service and occupancy experience of the long-term rent market.

Second, the overall improvement of living quality.

Cloud rent believes that the centralized long-term rent apartment benefits from the unified operation mode of the whole building or the whole floor, and the centralized fine decoration is generally adopted in the development and construction of the housing source, so that the tenants can directly carry the bags and move in. This ensures that the house has a unified horizontal line in the basic hardware and software and the configuration of household appliances facilities, and makes “quality benchmarking” for the hard and hard conditions of the house itself;

Not only that, but also more possibilities in soft conditions. From the in-depth analysis of customers’ needs, the concentration of housing supply has shortened the social distance between customers, which makes it possible to build better social circle and community service. This is also the important demand of today’s rental groups, which belongs to the “quality benchmarking” of soft conditions. It is difficult to achieve the decentralized long-term rental apartment model.

Third, the demand is complementary and double satisfied.

Community residents and community resources are mutually complementary. Centralized long-term rental apartment has a set of market standards for the location of the area, and its location is bound to gather convenient and rich social public resources, such as transportation, administrative services, financial services, daily life services, etc. On the one hand, thanks to the surrounding public resources, it greatly improves the convenience of tenants’ life and saves the comprehensive cost of life; On the other hand, the centralized long-term rental apartment means that the large-scale tenant group means that the population has consumption. The large-scale tenant group will inevitably form an economic drive for the surrounding community resources. Integrating the consumption hot spots and radiating the consumption heat will become the largest economic increment in the future community. Cloud rent believes that centralized long-term rent apartments will promote the development of community sector and boost regional supply side structural reform by forming a complementary and mutually beneficial trend of “community residents” and “community resources”.

Cloud rent apartment landing “brand + service”, shaping a model of high value assets

The centralized long-term rental apartment has the advantages of convenient location, unified property management services, standardized living quality and regional economy. For the developers and operators of the long-term rental market, this advantage is more conducive to brand building, product concept implantation and quality polishing, thus ensuring the high value of the asset itself; Especially in the property service sector, compared with the housing without unified property management, a more reassuring and reassuring property service system can guarantee the market value of the housing. The property service itself has a strong commercial growth value. Through the property service, the long-term value-added of assets can be realized, which is also the rapid emergence of centralized long-term rental apartments in the long-term rental market The core reason of its value lies in.

Strong linkage, cloud rent apartment helps the long-term rent market to be stable

Facing the new market requirements in the field of long-term rental market, cloud rent believes that as a long-term rental product with perfect property function, excellent living quality, convenient life and high community value, centralized long-term rental apartment is bound to play a strong role in driving the healthy and sustainable development of the rental market. Cloud rent centralized long-term rental apartment not only meets people’s growing demand for rent and housing, but also conforms to the national real estate strategy of “housing without speculation” and “rent and housing balance”, and deeply practices the concept of healthy and stable development. It is the only way to form the standard of long-term rental market, meet the comprehensive demand of new market and break the situation.

Through the “empowerment” of centralized long-term rental apartments, cloud rent deeply connects multi-dimensional market demand on a more efficient and intensive basis, realizes two-way supply and comprehensive services of centralized rental housing market and real estate stock market, and focuses on the healthy and sustainable development of the industry and the process of China’s urbanization.



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