Feel the power of the sharp dragon 5000 processor! Amd Notebook New Year recommendation

AMD new laptop has been sold in recent years, and users who want to feel the power of the 5000 series mobile processor are not coming. This time, we recommend four new AMD notebooks, including three games, ROG magic, 2021 new, 2 ASUS, 2 shadow, Knight shadow dragon, and a lightweight notebook HP war 66 66 generation, the awesome dragon version. Users can choose what they want.

Rog MoBa Xinrui 2021


Rog MoBa Xinrui 2021 game is equipped with a brand-new amd sharp dragon 95900hx processor, 8 cores and 16 threads. It is built based on advanced zen3. Compared with the previous generation processor, it can achieve 19% increase in instructions per clock cycle (IPC). In particular, Rog mobar Xinrui 2021 adds 80W power consumption to this sharp dragon 9 5900hx processor, and performs overclocking operation directly from the factory, so as to maximize the performance of this high-end processor.

The NVIDIA geforce RTX 3060 notebook GPU, which is combined with AMD’s 9 5900hx processor, has 130W full performance output, and can bring excellent performance to the players at 1080p or even higher resolution. With Rog’s exclusive Rog boost overclocking engine, the frequency of the graphics card can be increased to 1802mhz in enhanced mode, further releasing the performance of the graphics card.

Rog mobar new 2021 is also equipped with a 240Hz refresh rate, 100% sRGB gamut coverage, 3MS fast response, and a 15.6-inch IPS competitive display supporting adaptive sync anti tearing technology. 240Hz has 4 times refresh rate of 60Hz display screen, and can display up to 240 frames per second, which can present smooth game screen for players.

Strong performance output, naturally can not do without excellent heat dissipation design. This game uses glacier cooling architecture 2.0, which is equipped with double dust fans, six heat pipes and four air outlets, which can achieve efficient cooling and ensure the temperature operation of the wonderful game. It is worth mentioning that the thermal grizzly liquid metal cooling technology is added to the cooling system, which can further reduce the CPU temperature by 16 ℃. With the patented special inner baffle, it can prevent the leakage of liquid gold, and is durable, reinforced and upgraded.

ASUS Tianxuan 2


ASUS Tianxuan 2 is the first model of AMD sharp dragon 7 5800h, which has a very high degree of attention. Based on Zen 3 architecture and more mature 7Nm process, Ruilong 7 5800h has 8 cores, 16 threads and 16MB three-level cache. It can achieve 19% instruction per clock cycle (IPC) improvement and 24% energy efficiency improvement. It has an unparalleled game performance!

The new generation of rtx3070 mobile graphics card provides remarkable game performance for Asus Tianxuan 2 game book! The second generation RT core integrated with its GPU can achieve more realistic real-time ray tracing effect, and let players feel the light and shadow scene comparable to the real world in the game. NVIDIA’s unique DLSS 2.0 and reflex low latency technology can improve the fluency of the game and generate beautiful and clear dynamic pictures. In addition, the extraordinary Tianxuan overclocking engine TX boost can speed up the frequency of the graphics card to 1510mhz in enhanced mode, further releasing the performance of the graphics card.

In terms of screen, Tianxuan 2 game uses a full HD electronic competition screen with 240Hz refresh rate and 100% sRGB gamut coverage, and DC dimming to bring a smoother game picture. It also supports adaptive sync technology, which can effectively eliminate the tearing of the screen and make the game more comfortable. In other words, this kind of high-end E-sports screen used to be used only on high-end game books worth tens of thousands of yuan. This year, Asus has put it down to Tianxuan 2, a model with high cost performance, which is good.

In addition, in order to help this high-performance game run continuously and stably for a long time, ASUS also matched it with ice cooling architecture and quantum honeycomb air intake design. Glacier cooling structure with three outlets, keep the game passion, but easily take away the battle heat, provide a strong guarantee for the continuous output of the game firepower.

Acer shadow knight dragon


Acer shadow knight dragon is equipped with AMD sharp dragon r7-5800h processor, 8-core and 16 thread configuration, which can easily face all kinds of 3A masterpieces. It is a powerful core worthy of waiting for game players. At the same time, shadow knight dragon carries the most popular graphics card: rtx3060. Rtx3060, with its rapid performance, is smooth and comfortable in the face of many 3A masterpieces such as cyberpunk 2077 and call of duty 17.

Shadow knight dragon is equipped with a 15.6-inch narrow frame professional electronic competition screen which supports 2K resolution, 165hz high refresh rate, 100% sRGB high gamut, 300nit high brightness and 3MS fast response. In playing the game smooth without drag shadow, the door to snipe, five kill super God can easily solve.

With the super configuration, the performance of the best configuration will be greatly reduced if there is no cooling bonus, which will not happen to shadow knight dragon. As a “fan factory”, heat dissipation technology has always been Acer’s “unique skill”. Shadow knight dragon adopts symmetrical double fan design, with four-dimensional three-dimensional cooling outlet duct, and stepped cooling structure to provide wider space for heat emission. With the help of this cooling system, shadow knight dragon can increase its full load power by up to 45W, breaking through the performance limit and bringing cool game experience.

The configuration is so strong, and the appearance should be cool. Shadow knight dragon adopts a new generation of thunder pattern game appearance design, with classic red and black color matching, which is eye-catching in many game books. The fuselage design is not only like a roaring super sports car, but also like a roaring red dragon. In addition to the cool appearance, the keyboard is also wonderful. Shadow knight dragon’s keyboard uses four zone RGB backlight keyboard, 108 keys are covered with light, and is also equipped with full-size direction keys and numeric keyboards. The excellent keyboard is also a game artifact for game players.

HP vs. sharp Dragon


HP battle 66 fourth generation sharp dragon version of the highest optional sharp dragon 7 5800u mobile processor, 8 core 16 threads, the maximum frequency can reach 4.40ghz, three-level cache 16MB, thermal power design tdp15w ~ 25W, integrated amd radon 8 graphics (Renoir) graphics card, can easily cope with the high-performance requirements of creative work such as multi task office, graphics and image design. In other hardware configuration, dual memory slots are provided, with 16GB DDR4 3200mhz memory. In terms of storage, it can support 1TB SSD at most, and meet the requirements of capacity and speed.

In addition to the substantial improvement in hardware performance, the new fourth generation of sharp dragon version of Zhan 66 adopts the design of narrow border on four sides on the screen, which accounts for 87.5% of the screen, and the temperament is improved instantly. At the same time, the 14 inch IPS anti glare screen also has 400 nits high brightness, 100% sRGB high color gamut, fearless of bright outdoor light, and the content is still clear and visible. In addition, the screen as low as 1 watt, ultra-low power consumption design, effective extension of battery life, and support for 180 ° opening and closing make this notebook have excellent visual experience.

In addition, 88 ° wide angle camera is reserved at the top of the screen, and HP noise cancellation software noise reduction scheme is also used, which can effectively reduce the noise of the surrounding environment and make the voice communication clearer when making business video calls. In terms of privacy, a physical switch is added to the camera, which can be completely blocked when it is not in use, and there is no need to worry about personal privacy leakage.

In terms of appearance design, the sharp dragon version of the fourth generation of Zhan 66 is consistent with the Intel version. The A / C fuselage is made of aluminum alloy with higher strength, which not only has great texture, but also brings better compression resistance and higher wear resistance. C-side 3D integrated molding technology, no splicing design, to avoid fine dust into the fuselage, and the overall texture is more outstanding. As a classic business edition, the z66 fourth generation sharp dragon notebook has also passed 19 rigorous tests and certification of military standards, including drop, impact, high and low temperature environment, and can adapt to stable operation in various harsh environments.

Author: Zhang Fan



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