Fan economy God Cai Xukun’s album “fan” sold millions in 2 minutes

In less than 2 minutes, the company sold one million copies, with a sales volume of over 30 million yuan. Since then, the sales volume and sales volume have continued to grow, and it has successively won the certification of “epic record”, “platinum epic record” and “palace epic record”. Singer Cai Xukun’s new album fans, launched on April 13, once again surprised people about the purchasing power of fans. However, behind the hot sales of fans, Cai Xukun’s enthusiasm and accumulated fan base evolved into the purchasing power of the album. At the same time, the exclusive welfare activities of purchasing multiple albums also promoted the rapid growth of the overall sales of the album.

Hot sales

With the expectation of fans, Cai Xukun’s new album “fans” went online on time at 10:00 on April 13, which instantly set off a hot trend.

According to the QQ music platform, the sales volume of “fan” has reached 1.154 million in 1 minute and 33 seconds, with a sales volume of more than 30 million yuan, reaching the certification record of “epic record”; after 6 minutes and 53 seconds, the sales volume of the album broke through 1.57 million, with a sales volume of more than 40 million yuan, taking the certification record of “platinum epic record” in hand; then, it went online for 1 hour and 56 minutes Zhong Hou, the album won the “palace epic record” certification.

So far, “fan” has achieved all sales level certification of the platform, and has become the champion of the weekly QQ music bestseller list, but this has not affected the pace of rapid growth of album sales, and sales are still rising. By the end of June, the sales volume of “fans” had reached RMB 5.409 million / 1300500.

In the opinion of music critic Wang Le, the singer’s album sales are closely related to his personal influence. There is no doubt that CAI Xukun’s influence and fan base can be transformed into the potential consumption power of the album. In addition, Cai Xukun’s background as the producer of related songs will further stimulate fans’ desire to buy, and this heat also has the opportunity to radiate to some unfaithful fans Fans of users, based on curiosity or other reasons to buy, jointly promote the growth of sales.

Fans welfare drives consumption power

Cai Xukun’s fans appeal and market influence have been obvious to all. In the sales of this album, a variety of welfare activities for fans have further stimulated the purchasing power of fans, and one person has bought several albums as support.

According to the fans’ activities displayed on the album purchase page, the activities that have the chance to get Cai Xukun’s signature photo are at the top, that is, the users who buy the most digital albums at the event entrance can get Cai Xukun’s signature photo within the specified time. At the same time, fans’ welfare also includes upgrading Cai Xukun’s exclusive name plate and exclusive head picture pendant. If users purchase more than 2 albums in total, they can automatically enjoy the name plate upgrade welfare. If they support 3 “fan” digital albums, they can unlock the head picture pendant.

In addition to the above fan activities, the launch of fans also launched the activity of forming a fan association. Users can create their own fan association by purchasing a digital album, and the top three support cards in the hero list of the fan association will be displayed in a rolling way, which also attracted a large number of fans.

According to the hero list, as of the press release of Beijing business daily, the number one fan association has purchased 266400 albums, accounting for 12.75% of the total sales. Among the members of the association, two of them have purchased more than 10000 albums, and another 10 of them have purchased 1000 standard albums. However, the fan associations ranked second and third achieved a total of 124900 and 87300 albums respectively, and the number of members of each association purchased more than 1000 albums.

In the view of industry insiders, welfare activities are one of the common ways to drive fans to participate, so as to get better market effect in mining fans’ economy. In addition, Ms. sun, a fan of CAI Xukun, told Beijing Business Daily that it is very common for one person to buy multiple albums among the fans. On the one hand, it is to help the idol get better results. On the other hand, there is a competitive relationship between the fans’ associations. She hopes to be able to pay more for the idol she likes within her own ability, and also through self-confidence My efforts are closer to the idol, so I will gather the greatest strength to buy more albums.

To be continued

With the continuous growth of fan’s sales, more and more people have heard Cai Xukun’s new songs. However, at this time, some users who bought the album found that only three new songs in the album could be heard, and other works were waiting to be put on the shelves, which also aroused the attention of some users.

According to the list of albums, “fan” includes 11 tracks, while the works that can be listened to at present are “Chen 0000ff”, “fan” and “silent film”, while other songs are not online, and some songs have not yet clear song names, only such as “track 05” and “track 06”. As for the schedule of whether other songs in the album have been put on the shelves, a reporter from Beijing business daily contacted each other, but as of press release, no reply has been received.

In the face of the setting of fans, some users think that if the album has not finished all the production, they can launch the single first, wait for all the production work to be completed, and then launch the whole album completely. But at the same time, some fans think that this sales method will not have an impact on themselves. Ms. Sun said that although there are only some songs in the current album, other works will be on the shelves sooner or later, so buying the whole album in advance will not have an impact, and new songs can be directly listened to after they are on the shelves in the future.

Beijing Business Daily reporter found that the choice to sell the entire digital album, and then one after another on the shelves, the songs in the album are not only in “fans”, many domestic singers or singing groups of the album has also used a similar way.

“In this way, the songs can be launched one after another, which can grasp the rhythm of new songs on the shelves, and also make every song have more space to show, and realize the related operations such as playing on the charts. At the same time, it can also extend the publicity period of the album. Every time a new song is launched in the future, it can bring another wave of heat and promote the market feedback of the album.” That’s what Wang Le said. In addition, according to Li Jie, a researcher of the digital cultural and creative industry think tank, in the specific operation process, it is also necessary to balance the rhythm of new songs on the shelves with the needs of fans and other users, so as to avoid other effects caused by too long intervals or too few online tracks.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Zheng Rui

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