Is it an improvement that smart speakers monitor sleep?

Driving China’s news on April 13, 2021, when it comes to sleep monitoring, many consumers will think of smart wearable devices. Now it is said that smart speakers can also monitor sleep.

It’s easy to understand that whether it’s sensors such as body motion recorders built into smart watches or bracelets, or brain wave sensors equipped with headwear devices such as smart sleep headscarves, can help users monitor their sleep data. But it’s important to say that smart speakers can monitor their sleep Do users need to hold smart speakers when they sleep at night? This is certainly not necessary.

Recently, Google released the second generation nest hub smart speaker, the biggest point is to help users get rid of the need to wear smart devices to achieve sleep monitoring. The secret is hidden in the upper right corner of the smart speaker. A soli radar chip is installed here, which can accurately track the user’s macro (limb swing) and micro (chest up and down movement during breathing) horizontal movement during sleep. It can also detect cough, snoring, light fluctuation, temperature change and other factors through the built-in microphone, light sensor and temperature sensor .


When users wake up in the morning, they say to Google’s second-generation nest hub smart speaker, “Hey Google, how do I sleep?” , or click the “sleep summary” button on the screen to see your sleep duration, schedule (consistency) and disturbance / rest quality chart.

As we all know, the popularity of smart speakers is closely related to the core position of smart speakers as the entrance of smart home. However, with the rise of large screen, consumers are surprised to find the advantages of large screen TV, which can obviously better serve as the control hub of smart home. Because of this, the status of smart speakers is challenged by smart TV.

Now that Google smart speakers are equipped with sleep monitoring function, users can track their sleep without cameras or wearable devices. This is undoubtedly through function addition to explore more possibilities of smart speakers. It’s cool to think about it!



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