Young people only pay for beauty? no They are good at it!

Every school season is not only the node of crazy writing, but also the day of recommending products to young students. Nowadays, it is very difficult to recommend notebook products to Z generation young people who are constantly exploring new things and pursuing high-quality life. After sharing a lot of basic information and purchase suggestions about CPU and GPU with them, they always give some additional requirements – “do you have something that looks better?”. “This is an era of face reading” is still in the notebook circle. In my understanding, many young people in the choice of notebook products, if the appearance is good-looking, it is not far away from their payment. Also because of this, HP launched the star series limited star favorite powder in young groups are sought after. Recently, we also got this product to give you a detailed evaluation.

It’s the limited stardust of HP star series. I’d like to share my experience with you here.

First of all, let’s look at the basic configuration of this product.

Processor: Intel Core i7-1165g7, four cores and eight threads

Graphics card: Intel Ruiju Xe graphics card

Memory: 16gb3200mhzddr4 dual channel

Storage: 512gbnvmessd

Display: 4K HD resolution, 95% sRGB gamut, 550 nits brightness

Weight: 1.25Kg

Volume: 309 * 205 * 16.9mm

Battery: 3-cell 43wh Li ion battery supports fast charging technology, high color gamut, 4K ultra-high definition screen

Open the notebook, you will see a 13 inch 4K (3840 * 2160) narrow frame full ultra-high definition screen. This is also the proud feature of HP star favorite in the same price model. The upper left and right borders are basically the same, and the lower border is slightly wider. There is still a camera at the top, which is very friendly to users who need online classes and videos.

In terms of screen brightness, the actual value of HP star favorite is 545 nits, while that of ordinary notebook is 300 nits to 400 nits. This screen still has a clear display effect when processing work documents and watching plays outdoors.

The measured gamut is 97% sRGB and 74% Adobe RGB, and the average color level is 1.44 (generally less than 2 is good). The effect of the picture is more abundant, and the color transition has no obvious difference in color scale. When browsing posters and toning photos, they are more assured. For example, recently, I always give priority to this product for image color matching, because the old laptop screen is simply “unable to see”.

The combination of 4K large screen and B & amp; o sound system improves the excellent viewing effect for users from both visual and auditory aspects, and makes HP star favorite become a mobile cinema quickly. Guochao design has a high rate of return

When choosing the lightweight version, many people will pay attention to its appearance, especially after 90 or 00 today, they are more demanding on the product, unable to impress them from the appearance, so they are basically far away from their choice.

Hewlett Packard star series has always been one of the most brilliant ones in terms of craftsmanship. Our first version of Hewlett Packard star favorite powder inherits the excellent craftsmanship of Hewlett Packard star series and adds elements of national style. It has become a “good heart” for many national fashion fans.

The first time I saw it, I was amazed by the appearance of this product. It combines technology with national trend to create this HP star favorite. HP star favorite powder AC surface metal material, visual impression is very good, HP logo

Inlaid on the a side, natural, touch up a lot of texture. The whole fuselage is wrapped in fashionable Xingyi gold, which contains the traditional “Tan” meaning and “amber” sense. When you get this product and walk in the company, the return rate is quite high.

The C-side palm rest of the notebook is etched by laser and added with wavy texture design, which makes this product highly recognizable. It is worth mentioning that the students in the company internship see C surface wave texture design, full of praise, shouting “I love it too”!

Next to the Guofeng pattern, there is a touch panel with a larger area, which is convenient for multi finger control of notebooks, such as browsing web pages, photos, etc. Sunken keyboard, with 1.3mm key range and 19mm standard key distance, can avoid touching by mistake. At the same time, it won’t be very hard to knock. The key range is comfortable, and it won’t feel very tired after a long time. Two adjustable backlight, for late night use of the computer also provides a certain convenience.

While maintaining its delicate appearance, HP star favorite powder is about 16.9mm thin and 1.25Kg light. The size of the whole machine is almost the same as that of an A4 paper. The machine can be picked up with one hand and easily put into a satchel or schoolbag. No matter where you go, the weight-bearing feeling will not be too obvious.

It is worth mentioning that the edge of the fuselage is round and smooth, with concave design, without the feeling of cutting hands. The design of one hand opening and closing allows you to turn over the cover gracefully while drinking coffee. The rotating shaft adopts the fashionable “small heel” design, which makes typing more comfortable, and improves the air intake and heat dissipation. Great details!

In the aspect of interface, HP xingyipet has more interfaces than the same 13 inch product. Specifically, hdmi2.0, two usb3.2gen1, one full-function usbtype-c3.2gen2 interface, one SD card reader interface and one headset in one interface. The full function usbtype-c3.2gen2 interface also supports charging, data transmission and multi screen connection, which is more suitable for multi application scenarios. Such as external mouse and keyboard, external display, projector, etc.

The edge of side D adopts oblique cutting design, and the trapezoidal holes on both sides are speakers, which can fully release the volume and ensure the restoration of sound quality. Two non slip pads at the bottom make it more stable on the table. Fine holes, compared with the common grid heat dissipation, more delicate and elegant. 10nm processor for video entertainment

In addition to the ultra-high appearance, 4K screen and unique national style design, how about the actual experience of HP star favorite?

The processor we got is Intel’s 11th generation core processor i7-1165g7. The processor has 4 cores and 8 threads, adopts 10 nm superfin process, achieves 4.7 GHz frequency, 12W balanced power consumption and 28w maximum power consumption. See here, basically can determine HP star favorite powder or can meet the daily demand for performance, after all, is Intel’s latest mobile terminal processor!

According to the R23 test, the multi-core score can reach 5099 PTS, and the single core score can reach 1368 PTS. Judging from the R23 ranking, the performance is simply amazing!

At the same time, HP star favorite also integrates Xe graphics card, its performance theory can be comparable to the entry-level unique display, fully meet the needs of daily audio-visual entertainment.

According to the firestrike mode of 3dmark, the comprehensive score is 3893, and the single score of its graphics card is 4349.

According to timespy, the overall score is 1457, and the graphics card score is 1323.

According to the single baking test of stressfpu, after 20 minutes, the CPU power consumption is maintained at about 21W, the frequency is maintained at 3.6ghz, and the CPU performance release is fairly good. Users can rest assured in heavy work.

Through pcmark10 test to simulate Microsoft applications (word, Excel, PPT, etc.), the comprehensive score of this product is 4797 points, and there is no pressure to deal with daily office.

There must be a lot of users will have mild game demand, so we also carried out a simple game test on this product. In league of heroes, the picture quality is very high. In 5v5 combat, the number of frames in group combat can be maintained at the level of more than 100 frames. That is to say, HP Stardust could have dealt with such games easily.

In addition, it is equipped with 16gbddr4 high-frequency memory and 512gbssd (up to 1TB), which can meet the daily needs, such as opening more web pages, storing more data and running large software without jamming.

Summary of pconline evaluation room

As a product with super high color value and national style design, HP Xingyi pet powder is impeccable in appearance. In terms of performance, equipped with the 11th generation core processor and the Xe graphics card comparable to the mx350, it can meet the daily needs. 4K narrow frame high gamut large screen, can give users more extreme experience in daily work and entertainment. What’s more surprising is that while maintaining the above advantages, it also has ultra-high cost performance. If you want to buy a notebook in the near future, you can pay more attention to this HP star favorite pink book.

Author: Li Fei



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