White is justice? Imager Hof Pro RGB memory trial

Before the Spring Festival in 2021, Yingchi released a number of flagship Hof series products, including graphics card, memory, and even hard disk! White canon, fair face This series of slogans are also passed on from mouth to mouth among players. Earlier on, we have also evaluated the limited edition graphics card of imager rtx3090hofexreme and the SSD of imager hofpro20pcie4.0ssd. Today, we will bring you the memory demo of imager hofprorgb!

Most of Hof series memory products are based on matte products, even if the appearance design is very good; but in the era of RGB lighting, there is no light, it seems that players will be tired of it. This time, the arrival of shadow’s Hof Pro RGB memory seems to be also because Hof has tried the advantages of RGB light effect, enriching the hofrgb memory product line.

Hofprorgb memory provides 3600MHz, 4000MHz and 4400mhz frequency options, and supports xmp2.0 to turn on high frequency with one click. What we got from Pacific computer network evaluation room is ddr4-4400mhz 8g * 2 version.

The outer packaging is mainly white, which is the theme of Hof series white classic.

You can use the shadow memory light control software and the whole family bucket light control software to control the RGB light effect, and support the synchronization of the light effect with the motherboards of four brands to create the personalized light effect freely.

Flagship products are different. The packaging is full of ritual, and a pair of memory is inserted into the packaging.

Appearance design, the appearance value is still quite high. The vest is made of all metal material, the surface is designed by oblique cutting, the convex surface is electrophoretic white process, and the concave surface is metal frosting spraying process; the collocation of white and silver has a clear sense of hierarchy, strong visual impact, and full of metal feeling. This color value matches the white host, which is very eye-catching.

Just mentioned that the vest is made of all metal, and the thickness of the vest is close to 2mm. The oblique section design further improves the heat dissipation efficiency, so we don’t have to worry about the heat dissipation of the memory.

The customized white a2pcb has high color value and strong electrical performance, which can ensure stable operation under high frequency. Select super frequency particles, but also gives memory strong super frequency performance.

Built in 8 high brightness RGB lamp beads, with the top of the fine frosted fog light guide cover, the lamp effect texture is quite good.

By default, the hofpro RGB memory is RGB cycle light effect, the light efficiency is uniform and the gradient effect is natural.

Hofprorgb memory test

Because of the high frequency bar setting, the hofpro RGB memory must give priority to ensuring good compatibility between Intel and AMD platforms, so that players can enjoy the experience pleasure brought by the high frequency bar. Of course, netizens also need to confirm whether their own platform has good overclocking ability to support the use of this high-frequency memory.

Using CPU-Z and aida64, you can find the built-in XMP file of hofpro RGB memory: 4400mhz18-25-25-45.

From the storm software found that the test of the hofpro RGB memory is Hynix particles, AFR, MFR, CJR? It seems to be a new particle of Hynix? The voltage is also relatively edible, similar to b-die characteristics. The Hynix particle timing is similar to that of b-die, but it is much better than the general ultrafrequency particles, and its performance is also acceptable.

On the test platform of 5900x + C8H, d.o.c.p can directly read the XMP file ddr-4400mhz of hofpro RGB memory.

In terms of performance, after reading the ddr-4400mhz file from the hofpro RGB memory, the performance tested by aida64 is basically doubled, especially the reading performance is improved too obviously, and the delay is also lower.

The improvement of other tests is also very obvious, and the author here separately pull the comparative test of pcmark10: the overall test of pcmark10 is improved from 6962 to 7611, which is also obvious; pcmark10 is also very good, which shows that high frequency memory also helps us to improve our daily basic functions, let alone the productivity. So for video creators, high-frequency memory module is not very necessary, memory capacity and frequency are both the performance of adults.

Some people say that high frequency platforms are prone to instability. Don’t be silly. Come on, I mention the next generation frequency in the same timing, 4533mhz still passes the memtestpro memory stability test, and the performance is further improved, this particle is a little fragrant.


Whether it is the appearance or performance, hofpro RGB memory has submitted a quite satisfactory answer for you. For players who like overclocking, this time the Hynix particles used in hofpro RGB memory can try to limit overclocking again, and the physique is really OK. For gamers or video creators, reading the XMP file 4400mhz has a very good performance. The key point is to have a good appearance design, and plug in four sun drying circles of friends to make them have face.

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