The new force “battleship world” is coming with a gift

When Guoman, a national historical subject, encounters the giant online game system of naval warfare, what kind of sparks can it produce? Then let the strong linkage of “that rabbit that year” and “battleship world” play a role for you!


Never had the fun of linkage, will be ambitious, young captain white rabbit boarded the warship that moment gorgeous open. As the most popular protagonist in Guoman’s original work, the rabbits’ visit to battleship world will bring a series of high-energy combat adventures to the game! The theme of this activity will be “pay homage to the soul of the sea”. Players need to use combat skills to complete new campaign tasks, so as to obtain rich rewards such as expendable ship painting, permanent ship flag, memorial flag from Anshan 101 and blue digital camouflage from Marine Corps camouflage.


Although the rabbits are cute and cute in appearance, they are outstanding in terms of combat effectiveness and momentum. During this activity, two joint captains named “Zhenhua” and “Jianguo” will also come to the front line in person, so that players can recruit them and form a powerful strategic column. Players can start to use the special resource “coal” in the game to exchange for the new captain “Zhenhua” on April 18, and can win another captain “Jianguo” in the challenge mission opened on April 23. With Wolong Chifeng to help, the mission of maintaining peace is waiting for you to complete!


Every rabbit has a sea battle dream! What kind of adventure will the heroes from flower growers have on the magnificent sea, and what super value rewards will they get under the new fetters? Let the upcoming linkage adventure answer for you!

Now pay attention to wechat, microblog and other social platforms of battleship world to learn more about the linkage content. New players can register a 360 account and download a new game client. You can enter version 0.10.1 and experience the 2021 sea battle!



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