Canon camera EOS R5 new firmware update to repair some camera functions

Canon recently released a new firmware for its full frame micro single camera EOS R5, ver. 1.3.1, which is a small update after the previous version 1.3.0 firmware. If you don’t upgrade the 1.3.0 firmware, you can upgrade it directly. It should be noted that the 1.3.0 firmware version contains items 1-12, and the 1.3.1 firmware version adds item 13.

佳能相机EOS R5全新固件更新 修复一些相机功能

The update is as follows:

Firmware version 1.3.1 includes the following enhancements and fixes:

1. Add [Canon log 3] to [Canon log settings]. You can select [Canon log] or [Canon log 3] from [Canon log settings] in the “shooting” tab of the menu.

· in future updates, raw movies shot with Canon log3 and raw (light) will be supported in cinema raw development and digital photo professional.

Digital photo professional will also support processing raw movies taken in Canon log3 settings and applying viewing LUT in future updates.

2. Add [raw (light)] to the movie recording size and [IPB (light)] to 8K / 4K to enable lower bit rate shooting. After setting raw + MP4, you can also select these settings.

3. Add 119.9 FPS / 100.0 FPS high frame rate to full HD movie recording size.

4. Add [electronic full time manual focus] to the AF tab of the menu. After the lens is installed, manual focusing can always be performed with single autofocus and servo autofocus.

5. Add [6: monitor off] to [shooting information display: screen information setting] in the “shooting” tab of the menu. This update can always turn off the camera’s display screen during shooting.

6. Now, during FTP transmission, the transmission time (estimated value) will be displayed on the camera display.

7. When the image is transmitted through FTP, the function of selecting the protected image that has not been successfully transmitted and the protected image that has not been transmitted is added, and all the images are transmitted at one time.

8. Add [save camera settings to memory card / load from card] to the function settings tab of the menu.

This allows you to save the camera settings to the card, or load the saved file and restore the camera to the settings when it was saved to the card.

9. Fixed a phenomenon, that is, in rare cases, when using some cfexpress cards, the camera could not work normally.

10. Fixed a phenomenon that in rare cases, when the driving mode is set to “high-speed continuous shooting”, the camera can not work normally.

11. Fixed the phenomenon that the power supply may be suspended when the camera is powered by USB for a long time.

12. Fixed the phenomenon that some menu pictures of the camera with Firmware Version 1.2.1 could not be displayed normally.

13. Fixed the phenomenon that the viewfinder and screen images are too bright when the [view help] function is set to [on] when shooting with Canon log3.

Author: Shen Pei



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