B series can finally use memory overclocking! Jijia Xiaodiao Pro b560m aorus Pro evaluation

The newly released core 11 processor can be said to be a rare “big change” of Intel in recent years, replacing the skylake kernel for many years and enabling the new rocketlake-s architecture and cypress Cove kernel. Compared with the mainstream cometlake, rocketlake-s has been greatly improved. CPU and kernel display architecture have been replaced and upgraded. IPC of CPU has been improved by 19%, kernel display performance has been improved by 50%, and avx-512 instruction set has been added to support AI acceleration.

The 500 Series motherboard, which comes with the 11th generation of core processor, has also been upgraded. The new motherboard will support usb3.2gen2 * 2 with 20gbps bandwidth. At the same time, pciegen4.0 is finally supported. Most importantly, the H / B series motherboard has opened the memory overclocking function for the first time, which means that players can experience the performance improvement brought by high-frequency memory with the b560 series. Today, our evaluation room will open the box for you to evaluate a brand new b560 series motherboard, which is Jijia small carving prob560 maurus Pro motherboard.

Motherboard unpacking – excellent workmanship, family inheritance

On the front of the motherboard packaging box of Gigabyte small carving prob560m, there is a large aoruslogo, which is also known as “small carving”. At the same time, the logo that can support 11 generations of core processor and b560 chipset is clearly marked. The four-year national joint guarantee also continues the consistent high-quality after-sales service of aorus.

The back of the packaging box is marked with the upgrade point of Xiaodiao prob560m, including the 12 + 1 phase digital power supply with drmos direct output and the design of pci-e4.0. The product information is more comprehensive.

The motherboard adopts black PCB, and uses metal wire drawing process and frosting spray process on the whole set of heat dissipation armor, with excellent texture. The logo of Jijia aorus is printed on the I / O heat dissipation armor and Nanqiao heat dissipation armor, with high recognition.

The power supply part of cpuvrm is equipped with a separate metal heat sink. The heat sink has a cut-out design, which increases the contact area with the air and increases the heat dissipation efficiency.

Faced with the problem that the newly launched 30 series and 6000 Series graphics cards are relatively heavy, Gigabyte small carving prob560m carries out metal reinforcement treatment for the pciex16 slot, and adds a set of relatively strong metal vest to bear the weight of the graphics card, so as to effectively prevent the damage of the heavy graphics card to the slot.

The motherboard has two interfaces for m.2 SSD, the first one is the mainstream 2280 specification, and the second one can support 2260 / 2280 / 22110 length SSD. M. 2.1 the interface is equipped with SSD heat dissipation vest, which is made of frosted material, and the surface has oblique cutting process to improve the heat dissipation efficiency. Generally speaking, the m.2 SSD of nvme protocol is preferentially installed in the first slot near the CPU. If it is equipped with the core 11 processor, it can directly enjoy the ultra-high speed pciegen4.0. Note: core 11 processor is required.

There are six sata6gbps interfaces on the motherboard, all of which are provided by PCH. The stacked design can make more rational use of the motherboard space and take into account the wiring design.

In order to take care of the current popular RGB lighting effect, Gigabyte small carving prob560m is also equipped with two groups of 12vrgb, a group of 5vargb interface, which can control the lighting of the connected equipment through Gigabyte software.

There is a usb3.2gen1type-c expansion port and a group of usb3.2gen1 expansion pins beside the power supply interface of the main board, and there are four USB2.0 expansion pins below the main board, which can expand a total of 7 USB interfaces. With the USB interface on IO interface, most users can use it.

Mainboard disassembly – 12 + 1 power supply, 11 generation core firepower fully open

The main board’s power supply PWM chip is isl69269, which was used by Gigabyte’s flagship z490. The original 12 phase design allows this chip to provide sufficient power supply for the 11th generation of core, so that the processor can go all the way. The auxiliary power supply interface of CPU adopts single 8pin interface, and the pin adopts solid structure, which can improve better contact, reduce impedance, improve power supply efficiency, and effectively prevent interface faults such as hot melt and short circuit.

Drmos uses Vishay’s sic651a (50a). High temperature resistance and life are guaranteed, which can provide stable power supply for CPU and help improve system stability.

In terms of memory, Gigabyte rpob560m adopts a dual channel design and supports x.m.p. now intelb560 motherboard can support memory overclocking, which is an important difference between it and b460. It supports a maximum memory frequency of 5333mhz and four ddr4dimm slots, which can support up to 128GB (a single slot supports 32GB capacity).

The network card chip is s0323l58 from Intel. Compared with the previous generation, it can effectively solve the network connection fluctuation and other problems, bring better Internet experience, and support 2.5Gb bandwidth.

The sound card chip is alc897 from Realtek. This year’s b560 series motherboards of the same price basically use this chip, which adopts 8-channel design and uses four high-quality capacitance schemes. It can well reduce the sound distortion caused by electromagnetic interference, effectively shield the interference of the environment to the audio, and bring better sound effect.

In the back I / O part, the backplane of Gigabyte minicarving prob560m supports disassembly, which is convenient for users to install. It has 1 PS / 2 keyboard / mouse interface, 1 usbtype-c interface, supports usb3.2gen2x2, 1 usb3.2gen2type-a interface, 2 usb3.2gen1 interfaces, 6 usb2.0/1.1 interfaces, 1 DP interface, 1 HDMI interface, 1 RJ-45 network cable interface and 6 audio interfaces.

Performance temperature test: memory overclocking really fragrant!

For the test platform, we use the latest core i5-11600k. In order to test the memory overclocking, we use two 3600MHz dual channel 16GB for the memory and Gigabyte rtx3060 for the graphics card. Let’s take a look at the performance of Gigabyte small carving prob560m.

The multi-core and single core performance of CPU-Z is also normal

The overall score of performancetest 10.0 is 8155.4, showing more than 98% performance benchmark.

Pcmark10 comprehensive score 7256, full of productivity.

The data of blenderbenchmark is shown in the figure. In the long-term test project, Gigabyte aorusb560mpro can fully play the strength of i5-11600k.

R20cpu scored 4328cb. R11.5 single core 2.85pts, full core 19.25pts, in line with the normal level of Intel i5-11600k.

From the memory test of aida64, we can see that the Gigabyte small carving prob560m has got rid of the previous 2666mhz memory frequency limit, and easily achieved the performance of 2933mhz C16 (gear1 mode). At the same time, due to the addition of the memory frequency division technology of core 11 processor, we let the memory overclocking to 4000MHz C15 (gear2 mode), and the performance of the whole machine was improved to a new level.

Then, we test the baking machine of Jijia small carving prob560m to see the power supply performance and stability of the main board. We use aida64fpu to bake the main board. The test is carried out at room temperature of 25 ℃. After 30 minutes, the maximum temperature of the power supply area is 72.8 ℃, and then contact the 12 + 1 phase power supply, the temperature is quite good.

Then, according to the Convention, we tested three mainstream 3A masterpieces, and the running points are as follows.

Game performance:

“Subway: leaving” turns on the light effect. Under the full high image quality, the average frame rate is 55.39; the highest frame rate is 73.65; the lowest frame rate is 33.90. Although it’s not extremely smooth, it’s also the performance under the full high image quality, which can also be satisfactory.

By default, the highest frame rate of war machine 5 is 59.9, and the lowest frame rate is 57.5, which can reach the fluency level.

Tomb Raider: shadow has an average frame number of 52 by default under the highest image quality, which is in the upper middle performance level in the same level.


Gigabyte small carving prob560m continues the specifications and performance level of small carving, and perfectly shows the upgrade point of Intel 500 Series motherboard. Its memory overclocking performance is also very satisfactory, and its support for high-frequency memory is quite good. Motherboard workmanship and materials are very conscientious, for the cooling part of the unique design is also original, taking into account the cooling efficiency and aesthetic degree. If you want DIY to be a computer with a core 11 processor, you can give priority to the selection of the motherboard. After all, after solving the problem of memory overclocking, the cost performance of the B series motherboard has become super high, so it is recommended to use it.

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