“Schedule easy to change”, “deposit free refund” wedding Jichao wedding day chop hands more at ease

Is it difficult to have a wedding?

“I’m excited when I decide to get married, but I’m confused when I’m preparing for the wedding.”.

Meng Yan, a Chengdu girl born in 1995, decided to get married this year just after meeting her parents with her boyfriend during the Spring Festival.

Meng Yan said that she didn’t expect to do so much preparation to get married, such as choosing wedding dress, photography, wedding planning How to choose so many businesses?

“Recently, I went to see two wedding photography shops recommended by my friends. There are various packages, with prices ranging from 5000 to 120000. I don’t know which one is better.”

“To save, to be beautiful.” Meng Yan feels that these two needs have become “fish and bear’s paw” in reality.

There are obviously many people like Meng Yan who are in the dilemma of choice.

Li Yuefan, who works in Shenzhen, is also preparing for her wedding recently, but she is very busy and can’t go home. Her schedule has been changed several times due to the epidemic, and she worries that she can’t return the deposit.

The new generation of young people are against the superficial routine, and want to complete a life event in line with aesthetic preference within their ability.

It can be said that great changes have taken place in the marriage consumer market, which is faced with multiple and uncertain demands, and young people increasingly want to have outstanding personality expression in the wedding ceremony.

“档期轻松改”“订金随意退” 婚礼纪潮婚节剁手更放心

Concept poster of 2021 wedding season

Based on the user data and business data feedback in recent years, the domestic head marriage service platform wedding discipline first observed this phenomenon, and early through internal iteration to meet this change.

“Chaozhou wedding festival” is the IP Product of internal iteration. It is an online grand ceremony launched earlier in the industry by wedding season and held for people preparing for marriage.

The official in charge of the wedding Jichao wedding festival said: “the original intention of holding this activity is to help consumers across the country solve the pain points of wedding consumption. We hope to improve the service standards of the whole industry by virtue of the advantages of” online one-stop service “, so that the wedding preparation of new couples is neither routine nor conventional.”

High threshold of brand admittance and good price of “kindness”

From the aspect of controlling the merchants participating in the Chaozhou wedding festival, the wedding discipline puts forward “three stricts and one exemption”, that is, the merchants need to strictly audit the brands, products and services, and price concessions of the merchants through the wedding discipline before they can participate in the activities for free.

The person in charge of the business operation of the wedding ceremony said that although the entry threshold has been raised, the businesses that have experienced the epidemic show high enthusiasm, and the scale of the Chaozhou wedding festival this year is larger than in previous years. In addition to covering the big brand businesses such as golden lady, unique travel photography and platinum Baron travel photography, the merchants also gathered popular online brands such as sharp photography and Bernie wedding planning.

Wedding discipline calls on all participating businesses to lock in the good price of “kindness” and promise the low price of the whole network for 90 days. At the same time, wedding discipline has also launched the exclusive preferential subsidy of 10 billion yuan subsidy, intention expansion fund and other platforms to let consumers buy at ease.

“档期轻松改”“订金随意退” 婚礼纪潮婚节剁手更放心

“If you buy it, you’ll make money!” a post-95 programmer in Hangzhou completed the wedding photography, wedding planning, wedding candy and so on in 25 hours on the Chaozhou wedding day, saving the bride the price of a dress.

Style guidance, accurate matching to meet personalized needs

For users with “difficult choice”, wedding Jichao wedding festival launched diversified brands with different stalls, different styles and different categories. Through style guidance and user experience test, it pushed businesses and brands, products and services with user preferred styles to achieve accurate matching.

On the other hand, it also launched the ranking list as a user selection guide, such as wedding golden rhinoceros award merchants, fashion wedding day list merchants, platform popularity list merchants, etc., “all of which are selected by other users of the platform, and can also meet the user’s pursuit of cost performance.”

“The particularity of our industry is that we are a vertical segmentation field, but marriage is a very popular thing. We are facing a diversified user group, whose needs and preferences are becoming more and more complex. But one thing remains the same, that is, whether they are poor or rich, no matter what their age and taste are, they all hope to have a wedding meeting their own expectations. “

“What we do is meet them quickly.” Referring to the change of style guiding user interaction, the person in charge of Chaozhou wedding day said.

Choose a store to place an order, save effort, and provide service with one more barrier

At present, the domestic epidemic is under control, but the overseas epidemic is not clear. Many young people who plan to hold overseas weddings or travel overseas this year are hesitant. Wedding Jichao wedding festival launched “schedule easy change” and “deposit free refund” and other services. Through platform trading, users can get more protection and provide “full escort” of services.

At present, the wedding ceremony has more than 80 million registered users, and many couples who prepare for marriage through the wedding ceremony have enjoyed the benefits brought by the Internet.

“档期轻松改”“订金随意退” 婚礼纪潮婚节剁手更放心

Wedding jidaren bride @ happy to meet

The bride, who has been active in the wedding ceremony community and shares her experience in marriage preparation, left a message saying: “the existence of wedding ceremony makes marriage preparation not cumbersome and routine. As long as we take the joy of being a bride, we can enjoy the process and go on the most romantic date of our life with our loved ones. “

Professor Guo Jianmin, School of Humanities and communication, Zhejiang University of technology and industry, also believes: “in the Internet era, young people have changed their original marriage consumption behavior, which is a normal phenomenon and an inevitable trend in the network era. Young people refer to the wedding way on the Internet, choose their favorite wedding way, and spread their wedding through the Internet, which can not only make the whole industry more standardized and transparent, but also make the young people’s wedding way develop towards the form of fitting in with the network, personalized and integrating more Internet elements, which is bound to be popular in the future. “



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