IPhone 12 new purple update “find” function released new accessory airtag

April 21, 2021 news: 2021 was officially held, and the first product it brought was the new color ‘Purple’ of iPhone 12. The new color is always wrong.

iPhone12新增全新紫色 更新“查找”功能发布全新配件AirTag

At first glance, the purple iPhone 12 is very personalized, very close to the taro color of the iPhone 11 series. Cook said that the iPhone 12 will bring a brand new purple, which will be launched on April 30. Do you like it?

iPhone12新增全新紫色 更新“查找”功能发布全新配件AirTag

In addition, Apple has brought a new “search” function, so that we can know our iPhone at any time, and released a new accessory, airtag, which can realize network search through the U1 chip of the iPhone 12 series. The guide is detailed, and the price is $29, equivalent to RMB 188.



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