i see? A false alarm! Canon officials say it is not abandoning the SLR

Recently, we reported a number of news about Canon’s stop production of EF bayonet shots, some of which were released soon and were very popular, which attracted people to speculate whether canon was really ready to give up SLR? Recently, Canon Australia issued a statement explaining the main reason for the shutdown. The thing is, there are about 80 lenses on sale at present, and only 22 RF lenses. To stop the production of lenses is not to give up the SLR camera, but to clean up the redundant lenses. Most of the lenses stopped this time have little sales volume or overlap with RF lenses, or the inventory is very sufficient. The main purpose of stopping the production is to optimize the EF lens group, Part of the production capacity will be allocated to the production of new RF lens to meet the market demand.



Author: Shen Pei



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