Huawei new product Huawei route H6 goes on sale today

On April 27, Huawei officially announced on the social platform that the new Huawei routing H6 will start booking at 10:08 this morning. It supports the whole house Wi Fi 6 +, runs Huawei harmonic OS, and supports Huawei Hongmeng mesh + high-speed networking and plug and play.

华为新品 华为路由 H6今日上市开售

It is understood that Huawei routing H6 supports hilink one click pairing and can access Huawei Smart Life app for remote management. Equipped with Huawei homesectm security protection function, support Wi Fi anti brute force cracking, anti network rubbing, anti camera hijacking.

The pre-sale of Huawei route H6 includes sub route Standard Version, sub route Pro version and 1 mother 3 sub package version.

华为新品 华为路由 H6今日上市开售

Author: Chen Zihong



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