Sennheiser HD 350bt Bluetooth headset evaluation: ideal commuting partner

At the ces2020 conference, Sennheiser brought a number of new headphones, including the wireless Bluetooth headset HD 350bt, which is the most eye-catching one. It aims at the daily music group who like to listen to music all day long with the headset. There are not many earphones that can be used by the “daily music commuter”. They should not only meet the standard of sound quality, but also have excellent wireless connection performance and endurance to meet the needs of daily commuting.

So how does Sennheiser’s new HD 350bt perform in these aspects? Can it meet the daily needs of commuters to listen to music and become a standing electronic “necklace” on your neck? We had a listening experience.

Appearance appreciation: low-key and concise, but also there is no lack of fashion atmosphere

Sennheiser HD 350bt is available in white and black versions. This time we started with the black version. It is upgraded from the previous product HD 4.40bt. The outline and appearance of the headset generally inherit the previous design, but the color matching and line details are optimized and upgraded. It is believed that users who have used HD 4.40bt will have a sense of familiarity when they start HD 350bt.

The earphone is black, and the whole machine has a frosted texture. Compared with the previous generation, HD 350bt is more simple and fashionable, or more modern, without the silver metal design at the head beams and logo on both sides.

Sennheiser HD 350bt’s headgear has a plastic frosted texture on the outside and a skin like soft silica gel on the inside, which makes the appearance more mellow and simple, and also provides a good wearing experience. If you wear HD 350bt to listen to music for a long time, it will not cause the common head discomfort of headphones, which is undoubtedly a good thing for the music family who like to wear headphones to listen to music all day.

HD 350bt’s earmuff is a full ear cavity design. It is also a skin like sponge ear pad, which can completely wrap the ear in the earmuff cavity. It is worth affirming that the inner part of the ear pad is filled with slow rebound sponge, which has memory function. It not only provides good sound insulation effect, but also makes the earphone comfortable to wear without pressing the ear. It also has better air permeability, and will not feel muggy and sweating when wearing it for a long time in midsummer.

The function button area of the headset is placed under the right ear mask. The function buttons include power on key, type-C charging jack, volume key, multi-function key and voice assistant key. Compared with the headset which is mainly controlled by touch operation, it has rich physical function buttons, HD Sardine 350BT is obviously more intuitive and functional in function control. It can control music playtime, adjust volume, receive calls, exhale voice assistant and so on, and can operate without any mobile phone. It is a huge bonus point for commuters who need to squeeze sardines in public transportation subway everyday.

Listening experience: pure listening, clear details

Sound quality is the soul of headphones. Without saying much, we immediately begin to listen.

The connection mode of Sennheiser HD 350bt is wireless. It supports the latest Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology and the lossless and low latency wireless codec technology of AAC, aptx and aptx low latency. The high wireless protocol standard has laid a good foundation for the sound quality performance of headphones.

As soon as I heard it, HD 350bt’s “Mori seafood” came to my face: its tuning style is really Mori seafood. The high frequency is quite clear and transparent, the human voice is transparent, and the water sound and other high frequency details can be clearly identified. The medium frequency and low frequency are relatively balanced. The sound is light but not intentionally aggravated. The sense of hearing is clear but not turbid. It can be said that it is mainly “restoration”, which is intended to show the pure sound without modification. If you are used to “verb beat”, you may need to adapt to HD 350bt for a while; but if you like natural and rational listening experience, Senhai’s HD 350bt may suit your taste.

It is worth mentioning that although HD 350bt has less active noise reduction than “big brother” HD 450bt, thanks to the design of full ear type, the passive noise reduction effect of ear pad isolation is quite excellent when wearing headphones to listen. When wearing HD 350bt on the busy bus and subway, the passive noise reduction performance provided by the sponge ear pad is good, which is better than the ordinary earphone, and can basically isolate the surrounding human voice and train running noise. If you are worried about the noise around you, you can start at ease.

Finally, Sennheiser also provides the official supporting app Sennheiser smart control for HD 350bt. As long as this app is installed on the mobile phone, it is convenient to connect the headset to the mobile phone, check the power of the headset in the app, and upgrade the firmware of the headset. Users who have a strong preference for the sound of headphones can also further adjust the sound state of headphones through EQ provided in the app.

Daily experience: foldable, long endurance, good commuting partner

Sennheiser’s official positioning for HD 350bt is “an ideal partner for users to enjoy excellent wireless audio experience on the journey or at home”. An excellent daily commuting headset is essential for convenient use, strong wireless connection ability and long-term endurance besides good sound quality.

In terms of portability, HD 350bt is at the forefront of headphones. Thanks to the material, the earphone weighs 238G, so it’s very suitable for long-term hanging on the neck all day, no matter whether it’s worn on the head or hanging on the neck. The simple and fashionable shape also makes it a good “fashion piece” and can become a part of daily wear. If you feel that you need an accessory one day, you can use HD 350bt hanging around the neck is also a good choice.

In addition, the same as the previous generation product HD 4.40bt, HD 350bt is also foldable, and the joint between the headgear and earmuff can be folded. In the folded state, the overall volume of the headset is smaller, about the size of a pop-up can, which can be easily stuffed into backpacks, satchels and other items that you will carry when you go out.

In terms of battery life, the official data shows that the battery life of the headset can reach 30 hours. According to our actual measurement for several days, HD 350bt still has residual power after about one week’s use under the frequency of 3-4 hours of daily commuting listening to music, and the battery life basically reaches the official declared value. If the main use scenario is commuting, the charging frequency can reach one week.

Finally, HD 350bt’s rich physical function buttons also left a deep impression on us. Compared with the operation mode of “need to press a button many times to realize the function” of general earphone, HD 350bt’s multi-function key is obviously more pleasing: its multi-function key is designed as a small stick that can be pressed down. The small stick can be moved to both sides to switch songs. Pressing the small stick can switch the play and pause state. It is quite intuitive and convenient to operate. It is very convenient to use in the commute scene where people are crowded in the subway and can’t operate the mobile phone.


As an earphone suitable for commuting music, the Sennheiser HD 350bt is simple in appearance, can be folded and stored, and has excellent portability. It also has 30 hours of long endurance, which is suitable for wearing all day. It can be said that it was born for commuting. However, although it is used all day long, it has no compromise in sound quality. It is full of “Senhai flavor” – three frequency balance, pure sound and rich details are the characteristics of its sense of hearing. If you want to be with music all day and enjoy the natural and rational listening experience, then Sennheiser HD 350bt is a good choice for you.

Author: YCC, Gatsby



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